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Erin is rooting for PC gamers, talking to playstation exclusives (Kingdom Hearts is a PS exclusive, the spinoffs can go burn) in order to stop her friend for playing ME3 on the XBOX

Ah, well played Mr. Carter. Well played.

You'd think if a PC gamer was so much more 'enlightened' than the console tards, she'd be quicker to address the Origin of their aversion to her platform.



Had to be done.

OT: I don't see how this would make them come to your side... It would most likely make them get a restraining order.

This one's way better.

OT: Entertaining as usual.

So Kratos command an attack against a 360? Where Marcus and Master and Fable farting guy are when they home console needs protection?

Aaah loved this one. Solve it with VIOLENCE!

I have a hard time seeing Kratos destroy a Console and siding with a PC even if the console is an Xbox.

And then Kelsey felt bad because she mad her friends sad at which point Kratos freaked out and had a huge and really lame redemption story line which in the end had no real effect on his personality.

I find it fitting that Kratos advises the destruction of the 360. I advise listening to him. He doesn't take well to people not listening to him.

Combine Rustler:
This feels relevant:

And following Kratos's advice is always a good idea. Always.

Thank you. That was wonderful.

After burning through multiple Xbox 360's and 2 PS3's, I had to retreat to my PC for gaming. Then, when the WiiU came out, I got one as soon as I could- and I don't know a single other person with one!!! *still alone* :(

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