Jimquisition: Mass Effect 3 And The Case For A Gay Shepard

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What? How does... why do people even...

...You know what. If you are reading this, and you think being gay or bisexual is wrong, never ever speak to me or come near me. You are a terrible person for suggesting that people should not be able to make their own choices.

I will be playing a gay Shepard. You're just going to have to live with that.

it is really funny watching as most of the american gamers heavily protects gay people and exaggerate the situation up to the extremes.

i don't know what is the problem of those users on mass effect related forums, but watching this hype is really funny and at the same time very awkward.

ok, i am not a person who like prejudices, but all that hype and the holy guardian approaching toward gay people makes the situation questionable.

do every gamer turned to gay people and therefore try to defend themselves, or the gamers suddenly become heavily sensetive against freedoms?
if the latter, i wish to see those gamers in other incidents as well, not just for protecting gay rights.

i didn't read rest of the topic, but i know people probably defended gay rights and heavily heavily denigrated "the people who has bias toward gays".
because this is the new trend in gaming community, and bioware are milking those people.

i wish gamers were united for making good games quality rpgs like planescape torment, mask of the betrayer or alpha protocol,
not just for protecting gay rights in mass effect franchises.
because it became silly...

You honestly think that videogames' free speech, the eradication of homophobia is not relevant?

I would like to ask you to get

Defends homosexuality: alright keep going.



I took the gay path with Kaiden, just to establish that I have no issue with gay Shepard.

However, saying that "no-one is forcing you" is a little inaccurate. It's impossible to be friendly in Mass Effect 3 without them following you back to your cabin. Steve was all depressed so I was just being friendly... apparently I was coming on to him (saved by the Kaiden bell, Steve didn't want to come between us). But I had the same issues with Diana, Liara, Kelly, etc. I know I didn't romance anyone in the previous games, but was I really coming across that desperate?

Wow. Well, I've never played any Mass Effects, and only vaguely know about the gay furore going on, so I thought I'd check out The Jimquisition to enlighten me a little.

I've got to say this episode reflects pretty badly on Jim Sterling from that perspective... endlessly engaging with parodied versions of other people's homophobic and rather repulsive opinions.

I couldn't watch to the end.

Gotta respect a dude that can non-chalantly hold a metre long rubber dick in his hands.

Jim, I feel for you when you are saddened that there are people who still compare homosexuality to paedophilia. Here in Australia a politician (Cory Bernardi) recently compared homosexuality to bestiality when arguing against gay marriage. The essence of his argument was "Well, if we allow gays to marry, does that mean we'll have to allow pigfuckers to marry pigs some day?" Thankfully, this particular fuckwit's political career is now in complete tatters.

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