Escape to the Movies: John Carter

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Found it to be an enjoyable movie with a couple of weak characterization moments. Wasn't bothered with the embittered soldier back story at all really, more with the heel-face turns some characters make and how they're played out.

I rather liked the ending of the movie.

The Therns should've been handled differently, a bit less powerful and the whole movie would've made more sense. Say: they would be able to influence people but be physically intangible, that way there'd be a reason why they'd seek to mess around with others instead of having all those loose plot threads dangling explanation they came up with.

A number of really imaginative vista's, straight out of those old sci-fi paintings (RIP Mr Frazetta and Giraud). I'm a fan of Don Lawrence 'Storm' comic books, strange to see how closely they resemble John Carter. Still, sailships pendeling between a mass of planets at the edge of a white hole gives some other possibilities than simply being on Mars does.

So all of the bone heads at Disney that were playing the blame game this morning because the movie only pulled $30m. NEED TO LISTEN TO THE INTERNET.

I may wait to rent this one.

Okay, I just have some questions... which memorable action scenes? Seriously. I watched it last night and even the action bored me to tears. If Bob likes action like this, why doesn't he like the Transformers movies? I honestly do not understand the difference.

Just saw the movie, after watching the review.

I had to go back and rewatch the review because I could not figure out what the "confusing plot device" in regards to mars transportation was.

It was actually explained very clearly and concisely; a teleportation device that operates by voice command is not "clunky" or confusing.

In fact, "willing himself there via astral projection"... sounds like the author lacked any form of creativity. Perhaps he was just so excited to write about adventures on mars he couldn't have been arsed to come up with a plausible way to get him there, or perhaps creative thinking beyond the setting on mars and alien cast was just beyond him.

A teleportation device may not be especially creative, but at least it shows some effort was put into creating an internal consistency in the universe and technology that exists.

This movie wasn't all that bad the pacing was pretty good and the conclusion made sense. It's at least worth a rental.

Also the alien dog was bad ass.

When I first saw the trailer for this movie, I'd never heard of this series at all, and the title didn't drop until the very end. But I misheard what they said as, "Are you John Conner of Earth?"
So the entire time I was lamenting the...interesting...direction the Terminator franchise had decided to go.

Glad I'm not the only one who did that!

i wasnt taken with the movie, to be sure. i didn't know anything about it, but it struck me as very unfocused and reaching. its a shame they couldnt go the simple route. it might have at least been acceptable. i kept thinking as i watched people leave the drive in throughout the movie "why am i continuing to watch?"

the answer is very obviously "if you paid for it, why not give it a shot?" but the fact that i couldnt shake the first thought throughout the movie is a sad statement.

Got to see this on Bluray 3d. I think marketing should have been better. Remind potential audience members this character is 100 years old this year and was the inspiration for so much we do know at this time. This should've done better than 2/3rds of last Summer's movies making a billion bucks apiece. I think the ultimate baddies were way over powered, leaving you wondering why John Carter was alive. The dog did steal every scene it was in. Deja Thoris was only OK as the princes, while Taylor Kitsch wasn't my idea of John Carter (guy playing Man of Steel would be better) he was very good in this movie. You've got to review what they gave you. The battle with the bad Tharks was terrific and Carter's back story really, really worked very well for me.
I may only give the movie a solid B, but the end of this flick left me wanting a sequel.

This movie contains a walking city; therefore, your complaints are irrelevant.

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