Escape to the Movies: Casa De Mi Padre

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The thing that sticks out for me in this review is that back when Bob reviewed The Other Guys, he criticized one scene in which Will Ferrel is shown to have a surprisingly attractive wife. As in, that was the joke, that Will Ferrel has a hot wife. I agreed with Bob and found that scene to be pointless.

Well, Casa de mi Padre sounds like that scene stretched over a full feature length film. A lot of other critics are pointing out that this should have been a short SNL sketch, and I'm thinking they might be right on this one. Sorry, Bob.

I wonder why Will Ferrel and comedy in general is so polarizing? Anyone got any links to an in-depth explanation?

Another Will Farrell movie? Pass.

Another Will Farrell movie? Pass.

That's good for you, however I'm going to go see this Will Ferell movie.

I'm sorry Moviebob. You just said the 21 Jump Street remake was funny. That makes all your movie criticisms suspect. It is a piece of garbage, and I was hoping that either Johnny Depp or Richard Grieco would pop up and bitch-slap Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum for doing that film.

I think cameos from the original cast would be the only thing getting me through the door. I've heard Hansen, Penhall, and Hoffs make an appearance as does an image of Loki, but have heard nothing about Jenko and Fuller.

I don't know if anyone pointed this out, and I suppose it was nothing more than an innocent mistaken, but Bob's choice of flags to represent "Hispanic and Latino" cultures had a few misnomers, i.e. the Jamaican flag. Jamaica has no Hispanic, Latino or Spanish ties. There may have been others (I think I spotted the Trinidad and Tobago flag, which also has no connection) but that one was pretty obvious to me because I am Jamaican.

Anyway, that aside, though I appreciate Bob's opinion, I have to pass on this movie. I can't stand Will Ferrell. His brand of humor just doesn't appeal to me at all.

"Will Ferrell is a good enough actor..."

So the whiny, scream-y, completely one-note character he plays in every movie he's ever been in (with one or two exceptions), is him acting? I don't buy it. I like you, MovieBob, but there's nothing you can say that would ever convince me to willingly spend money to see a movie with Will Ferrell as the lead. Should I ever watch this and find that I enjoy it, however, I'll graciously apologize, and then eat my own shoes.

Seeing as how I live on the US/Mexico Border, this has less an appeal of parody here, and more of a schlock factor, like Tim & Eric: Godawful Mess.

Yeah, you're going to be working a long time to get rid of that Tim & Eric stain.

Also Bob, your Spanish, while correct, is very stilted. It transliterates from 'Esta semana, Bob de las peliculas no necesita saber hablar ingles!' to 'This week, Bob of the Movies has no need to know to speak English. Also, Ingles need to be capitalized, because it's a proper noun. I'm afraid I have to give you a C- grade for your Foreign Language assignment.

I have no idea why people hate on Will Ferrell, there is a reason we all quoted him in high school. Anyhow, as someone who is familiar with Spanish Soaps (if only indirectly as all my little cousins are into them), I think im going to find this hilarious.
For a wonderful parody of American soaps I seriously suggest watching Horrible People ( Its a serial webshow and its a killer :)

I'll just suggest that if you'd like to see a fine parody of US sitcom, as was mentioned earlier, I'd try the South Park guys' "That's My Bush!"

Sure it was all about George W Bush being the stereotypical lead male dummy, but the humour I felt came far more from ripping on tired old sitcom tropes than just having a pop at Bush.

Shame it got killed off before even a full series was completed. I remember watching an episode of 'Home improvement' after that and it was just painful.

I have never found Will Ferrell to be funny. Nor have I ever found the kind of surreal absurdity that typifies the humor of most other Saturday Night Live alumni to be funny. If you enjoy it then by all means, go see this movie. I most likely will not.

well...I loved Black Dynamite

Bob you think Jamacians are hispanics?

Uh... okay? I'm part Jamacian I just thought we were carribean.

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