Miracle of Sound: Khajiit Like To Sneak (Skyrim)

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Good job; encapsulates my feelings about what Khajiit are good for entirely...

Khajiit really suit me because I have predispositions to stealing, sneaking and stabbing people from behind, which completely doesn't explain why I'm currently a High Elf with a a fondness for two-handed weapons and heavy armour...

Damn it Gavin... now I have to go and play skyrim again!

Reminded me of some of the Bond theme tunes. Quite unique, and the khajiit voice was very impressive, though it didn't sound as epic as the last two Skyrim songs. Still, good to see the variety is being kept up.

So what if a good few songs are being made about Skyrim? I'd rather see that than more on Gears/ Modern Warfare, etc.

I will say that I don't like all of your songs, but this one was very good in my opinion. It felt like a song in its own right rather than something too heavily entwined with the game it's based on. I especially like the juicy bass. :)

Dat Khajit voice. Nice job with that, Gav. I'm impressed.

That's it. I now want the next Elder Scrolls to be in Elsweyr.

Great song but sadly I won't be playing skyrim (I find 326 hours enough :P) realy great song , your kajiit voice is awesome :D

I got a serious Ramstein vibe from this song. Good job.

Impressed once again. You managed to find a style of musical that suited the peculiar voice of a Khajiit. In almost any other style of song bar unpleasantly heavy metal such a voice would have sounded out of place! Kudos, good sir.


*Before watching video* .. Huh, he decided to do another Skyrim song? Sweet!! He did a good job on the last one so I wonder if this will be as funny or catchy.

*After watching video* H-how.. does he pull off such a perfect Khajiit voice? Dude you should be in drama or acting school >_> voice actor of some sort. But love the song- it even makes me want to try being a Khajiit thief even though I am all about being a mage.

Well done, I am downloading this into my MP3 because it's a unique beat you have going on there and hearing a Khajiit sing is just to amusing to pass up on lol.

Skyrim seems to be a unfailing source of inspiration :)

Great Khajiit voice, catchy tune. I'll surely sing it next time I load my thief.

I love Skyrim music, but not a fan of the subject material.
I have nothing against Khajiit's, but they're not all thieves.

Some of them are smugglers ^_~

Final note; Argonians4lyfe.

Well, I enjoyed that immensely. A tad on the repetitive side, but the lyrics were clever and the mood of an assassin was spot on.

You also nailed the Khajiit accent as well, it was excellent!

I loved the song. Your voice in it is SURPRISINGLY good.

But I have to say, I was kinda hoping the next Skyrim song would be Fwappy's theme.

The song was very well written, very well sung (nice accent) and captures what you were trying to do perfectly but because you were trying to make the whole thing "stealthy" (I think) it wasn't very audibly interesting and the synth breaks seemed a little out of place. Still very fun lyrics though :)

I'm a Kajiit Assassin, and this is my favourite song on the Escapist.
At the very least, it's in my top-3 Skyrim songs :-D

Be nice to see some of the older RPG classics... Jade Empire? KotOR?
Or Freespace? Mechwarrior?!? *nerdgasm*


OT: Great songs as always. But "Sovngarde Song" and "Nord Mead" are way better :3

From the first notes I knew I would love this. And I thought you would just be posting Legends of the Frost this week, didn't expect something new. Especially not more Skyrim. Not that more Skyrim is a bad thing.

i thought it was ok. not bad but not really impressive either. maybe it has something to do with the kind if music, but i don't know. liked the voice though, really sounded like a Khajiit. i love how you can sing in all those voices and that they are all solid and unique.

Not my kind of thing but it goes well with the theme I suppose.

Also nailed that voice. Good job man.

I love that you did the whole thing in a Khajiit accent. And it was a great song in general.

Weirdly enough, the only two Khajiit I've played in Skyrim were a fireball and lightning-slinging mage whose definition of "sneak attack" was running up with dual flamethrower hands and a raging beserker that fights bare-handed, (the claw bonus is pretty nice +the Pugilist's gloves) using shouts just to get the enemy's attention. Only stealth character I've made was a Bosmer.

OT: I can imagine this song being hummed in almost any stealth-friendly game, gives a feeling of something staring back at me from a outside a window at night.

The song made me shiver. How dare you!
(positive comment)

This needs to be available for sale ... or if it is I've missed it ^^

Gavin, your ability to make audio gold every week is absolutely inspiring.
Great song!

That was great fun!

Clever and impressive vocals and pretty much everything everyone else has said. Just the right tone to be silly but enjoyable, and that, my friend, is a very hard target to hit with me.

Liked it quite a lot. Especially the accent, that felt right in place!
The song did have the "sneaking" mood, if that makes any sense.
So, i guess I want to say that it was stealthy. Well done indeed!

Loved the sneaky, low-key sound of this song. The accent freaked me out at first ("Aah! Who's that!? What did you do to Gavin? Give him back!"), but it grew on me quickly, so much so that I can't imagine the song without it anymore. Spot on!

You know what I would love to see one day? A live feed show on TwitchTV or something similar of you taking small requests and making up spontaneous short songs for different ideas people throw out. That day, would be an awesome day.

I'm one that is still very much in awe of your Skyrim songs, because they are all very different each time, in a very good way.

Josh Baxter:
This needs to be available for sale ... or if it is I've missed it ^^

Try iTunes or BandCamp, although it might take a while for it to become available.

In the mean time you could subscribe to his YouTube channel, lot's of content already there too.

That's it. I now want the next Elder Scrolls to be in Elsweyr.

I always wanted it to be in Elsweyr. I mean Khajiit mounts, how fucking awesome would that be. Please Bethesda.
OT: Great song and that Khajiit voice.. I just don't know how you do it. This song should be in encore. The feel of the song is just great. This is what I expected for assassins creed.

Only stealth character I've made was a Bosmer.

Are stealthy Bosmer's still over powered in Skyrim like in Oblivion?

Josh Baxter:
This needs to be available for sale ... or if it is I've missed it ^^

It'll be on Bandcamp tomorrow :)

And now it's time to go make a Khajit thief. Dammit, Gav, I thought I finished Skyrim already. >.>

Much much better than Binary Divide. Though, props to you for your magic throat and the way you can cover about any variety of things.

I'm curious if there will eventually be a "Songs of Skyrim" album out...

...(Is there gonna be a song called "Fight Like a Krogan"? That'd be awesome!)

It's not quite what you asked but it is about fighting and it is probably more awesome than what you are thinking of. (Just hang in until the end of the first chorus at least!)

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