Trailers: Bioshock Infinite - Boys of Silence Trailer

Bioshock Infinite - Boys of Silence Trailer

How can something that looks so sweet and endearing be so dangerous?

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Now this I like.

The other two were cool, but nothing amazing. Basically a robot with gatling gun and a big tough robot. But this one looks really interesting.

I am a little worried that these trailers are decreasing the potential impact of the game though. I'm going to know what all the enemies are like before I've even tangled with them.

Yeah, yeah, first world problems, I know.

Actually looking forward to this game now, if they can surprise me, then I will be all over this game.

In fact I'm going to stop watching these trailers now. No more Bioshock information for thanks.

^^Very good point guys, this might have been my last BI trailer, I want to be surprised!

I totally agree that there's something fascinating about a character that's obscured. I can't wait for this game, and to see what else comes out of it.

My God that sound was fucking horrible, even if it was only on screen for 2 seconds.

...I want this game.


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