Trailers: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon CIty - Launch Trailer

Team Hollywood:
Wubbiest trailer I've seen in a while.

You obviously haven't seen the new Borderlands 2 trailer, 95% 96.5% more wub wub.

For anyone who hasn't seen it.

I would get it if I had more money.

Sadly I need to save up for Xcom

Looks good though.

Looks like it could be a great zombie shooter. I would get it, but it looks like it's not coming out for PC. Piracy sucks :(

This franchise used to be in the survival horror genre right? Looks like they've changed GEARS (har har).

everyone will call dips on hunk.

Now I'm not 100% sure, but at 1:10...

Are those Las Plagas?

The trailer looks like it was inspired by Metro: Last Light - same pacing, similar music, similar scenes.


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