No Right Answer: Worst Videogame to Movie Adaptation Ever

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Worst Videogame to Movie Adaptation Ever

Videogames have become very cinematic over the years. So much so, in fact, that movie studios have begun mining the gaming world for movie ideas. In many cases a straight translation from game to movie is attempted, with varying success. But who got it wrong the hardest? Our intrepid debaters dive head-first into this quandary in a very special 40th episode of No Right Answer, now with 45% less religious outrage!

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Great episode, but how was Bloodrayne left out of the main argument?

One of if not the best episode yet. Well done guys.
Gotta throw it out there though? What about doom? With the first person perspective at the end? That was pretty cheesy.

I have two things to say. The first is a secret.

Secondly, how did Uwe Boll not make it into this debate? Seriously, there are petitions to get him to stop making movies, especially video game movies, because he's making the market seem untenable to movie producers and its holding back good video game movie adaptations.

Also, the Dungeons & Dragons movie. I know, I know, not an explicit video game adaptation. But still.

Point well made good sirs.

Isn't there a Pacman movie in the works as well?

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All of that, and you still missed House of the Dead.

Now that was one great!

What about Wing Commander? I mean the game itself HAD a better movie version in it.

bahahahahaha, wow. I'm thinking this is the greatest episode ever. I literally aughed so much it hurt.

but mortal kombat had that great song. I actually liked the bloodrayne movie(s).

I agree with CpnChaos, how was Bloodrayne left out?????? It can't get worse than that.

I loved Mortal Kombat to hell and back <.<

mortal kombat annihilation. nuff said.

What? Only two options per debate? But this one was the best! Also yes, in spite of or perhaps because of their awfulness I loved most of the movies you guys made fun of that I watched.

Mario Brothers? Ridiculous. Street Fighter? Even more differently ridiculous. Double Dragon? For some reason it involved the guy who played Gary on the Weird Science TV show and Kylie Minogue's ass. Amazingly strange! Sadly, I think the worst entrant into this list is just going to end up being like the worst game: whichever one is the least fun.

Were there any good movie adaptations from Video Games?

Fun :D

I think the worst mistake any video game adaptation is to be boring and normal. That's why Max Payne is worse than the original Street Fighter. You can watch BloodRayne and laugh, you can have with the monstrousity of M. Bison. Max Payne and Hitman? Why would anyone ever out of all people ever choose to watch them?

Even Prince of Persia. They made a competent film. That's why it sucks. Make it great or make it crazy

Great video, but I was surprised you didn't mention any of the 'films' Uwe Boll puts out.

And so goes the monthly clusterfuck of ideas, mashed all together to prove how debates are best when between only two sides with one argument each.

Or maybe things just naturally get wacky when Dan or some other friend of theirs joins Chris and Kyle.

The best adaption is still Silent Hill. It actually did a really good job capturing the aesthetic of the games and while the sweeping changes to the mythology were a little off-putting I though that in the end they made for a better movie.

As good as the games (On their good days at least), no. Worth seeing, certainly.

Best. Episode. Ever.

Although I think at least some of the Pokemon movies aren't a completely abysmal mess that makes you wish you had terminal cancer. They do at least stay relatively faithful to the source material.

Best No Right Answer episode ever. Of all time.
Everytime they changed the title card I laughed even harder.
Anyways so the point is that video game to movie adaptations will be bad.

I liked Spirits Within... :(

I've never really gotten all the hate it engenders. Same with the Super Mario Bros movie.

Best episode ever!!!

But I would have added...
-King of Fighters
-Alone in the Dark
-Silent Hill

or any thing else that Uwe Bol has touched.

Refresh my memory... Did they eve do a "Game based movies VS movie based games" debate yet?

Okay guys, this was the greatest episode so far.

But i must say, i liked Street Fighter and Mario Bros at least a bit.
It is probbably just the nostalgia speaking, but they were so "cartoony" and funny, i never took them seriously.
While modern videogame adaptations try to be serious and fail with it and become pathatic.

Sorry for my bad english, german speaking person on the keyboard.

What about House of the Dead? That movies only connection to the games was that there was a house involved loosely. ...oh yeah and zombies.

On a related note, I thought the Mortal Kombat movie was actually quite good. You have to admit that, at the time, it was the truest to the source material. After all what was the basic plot of Mortal Kombat? Outworld wanted to take over Earth, but in order to do that they had to defeat Earth's greatest warriors in a tournament. So Shang Sung, working for Outworld, hosts the tournament and Earths greatest warriors are gathered to fight there. Is that not what happened in the movie?

One of your best works, congratulations.

No mention of TOMB RAIDER?!? all fairness, Jolie actually DID look like Lara Croft, BUT STILL...


well that got out of hand XD great ep guys

I´d say super mario brothers (because it´s so bizarre while also hilariously bad) is one of the best alongside Mortal Kombat (the best of the lot), the first resident evil and House of the dead. Final Fantasy was also pretty good, and you could argue that it followed the spirit of the final fantasy, as they are known for having self-contained universes and stories, like the movie. And the story in the movie did feel a lot like a FF story, with the thing in the planet and all that. I consider it along the best film to movie adaptations, though it isnt exactly a masterpiece, it´s still a pretty good sci-fi movie, though nonsensical at times (just like the games...).

Kind of sad when you think of it, but considering what they have to work with, it isnt shocking that these adaptations often turn to shit.

I enjoyed watching the Super Mario Bro's movie. Not for being a good Mario movie but for being god damn funny. Also, the Belgium guy playing Guile was funny. Nothing beat Bison and his "and Satan descended to Earth from Heaven, LIKE LIGHTNING!" Everything he said was fucking genius.

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday."

How is that not epic? :P

FF game have nothing to do with other FF games
I like mario bros and MK in their time

The worst videogame movie adaptation is The King of fighters

One of if not the best episode yet. Well done guys.

^ THIS, also I can't wait to see the "Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" movie

I'm not usually one to defend Dead or Alive, but I'd say it's about as good as a DoA movie can get. I mean decent fights, boobs, a plot that makes no damn sense but at the same time doesn't take itself too serious and gratuitous beach sports. That describes both the game series and the movies perfectly.

"We're doing worst?"

Why are you surprised? You couldn't do a best video game adaptation. There would have to be a good one first.

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