No Right Answer: Worst Videogame to Movie Adaptation Ever

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Were there any good movie adaptations from Video Games?

Silent Hill and Prince of Persia?


Fantastic episode guys! Cracked me up at the end!

Worst Videogame to Movie Adaptation Ever

Videogames have become very cinematic over the years. So much so, in fact, that movie studios have begun mining the gaming world for movie ideas. In many cases a straight translation from game to movie is attempted, with varying success. But who got it wrong the hardest? Our intrepid debaters dive head-first into this quandary in a very special 40th episode of No Right Answer, now with 45% less religious outrage!

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This... this was the best episode you guys have done yet XD

Keep up the good work!

You guys are consistently great, but this one was absolutely hilarious. And it all served to make a very good point: less is more.

No mention of Uwe Bol? Fail.

Redd the Sock:
No mention of Uwe Bol? Fail.

The episode would have run too long had we broached that bloated, beached whale.

Jungy 365:
You guys are consistently great, but this one was absolutely hilarious. And it all served to make a very good point: less is more.

Why thank you. It was quite fun to realize all the bad movies we had seen simply because we liked the source game.

So to sum up this episode, they all suck!!!

I kind of suprise that Silent Hill wasn't mention at all when you just throwing some films into the debate.

At least Super Mario Bros. and Mortal Kombat were a very enjoyable kind of bad.

Now if you want BAD video game movies, Alone In The Dark s'all's I'm gonna say.


The episode would have run too long had we broached that bloated, beached whale.

Take it on in part 2!

Dungeons and Dragons The Movie too, that was pretty bad.

Okay, I got it.

The worst video game movie adaptation is every video game movie adaptation.


Redd the Sock:
No mention of Uwe Bol? Fail.

The episode would have run too long had we broached that bloated, beached whale.

Are you sure its not because you've not seen them and don't want to see them to have a debate?

A) Best episode ever.

B) Without the Street Fighter movie, we would never have this:

Mike Richards:
The best adaption is still Silent Hill. It actually did a really good job capturing the aesthetic of the games and while the sweeping changes to the mythology were a little off-putting I though that in the end they made for a better movie.

As good as the games (On their good days at least), no. Worth seeing, certainly.

Totally agreed. I was gonna get cranky if they mentioned this one in the video. I've heard a lot of people say it's the worst movie adaptation of a videogame/worst movie they've ever seen (I think the second statement is a /complete/ exaggeration), but I think it's the best adaptation yet. I may be crazy, but I have high hopes for the sequel-- at least they're trying to stick to the plot of SH3!

Some friends and I started a weekly 'Bad Movie Night' a couple years ago, and we've suffered through a lot of videogame adaptations, but I think King of Fighters and House of the Dead are tied for worst. My fiancé is a huge KOF fan, and he got as mad at that movie as I did with Catwoman. -__- We still have to see Chun-Li, Blood Rayne, and DOA.

This ones easy Super Mario Bro Movie is the worst! Whatever they new what they were doing or not is irrelevant if it sucks it sucks excuses for why it sucks has no implication on the degree of sucking.

I'd also like to point out the first Resident Evil Movie wasn't that bad. Every other Resident Evil Movie after that tho was complete crap.

I enjoyed watching the Super Mario Bro's movie. Not for being a good Mario movie but for being god damn funny. Also, the Belgium guy playing Guile was funny. Nothing beat Bison and his "and Satan descended to Earth from Heaven, LIKE LIGHTNING!" Everything he said was fucking genius.

"For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me... it was Tuesday."

How is that not epic? :P


But Raul Julia was an awesome actor, the only reason he was in Street Fighter was because he was dying of cancer and he let his kids pick his last movie.

Also, Street Fighter movie: make Guile the main character, make the actor look nothing like Guile, wat?

Really, Bison is the only reason to watch that movie. (Coincidentally, Bison is the only reason to watch the cartoon, too. Large Ham!Bison is my favorite.)

Also, does this mean that the Prince of Persia movie was actually decent? I'm shocked.

That was one of the most glorious things I've seen. I was a bit surprised about the choices, but when one of them got overwritten I knew it was gonna snowball.

This is probably the best video yet. Keep up the great work, guys!

Ok, I have to admit, the constant debate change had me laughing throughout.

Though in fairness to the Spirits Within one...that one's very hard one to argue given how much the Final Fantasy series shifts around. I mean, compare the setting of Final Fantasy VI to VII, or VII to VIII...Basically if you see a new Final Fantasy title that doesn't have "-2" in its title, you expect it to have nothing to do with the other installments of the series, so really, the movie was just following the games' long standing trend in that regard.

Nobody has mentioned the Farcry movie yet so I'm throwing that out there, it is a seriously awful piece of crap. I might be the only person on the planet who has seen it thought because whenever I mention it in debates like this nobody even seems aware it exists.

On a side note how dare anyone suggest Silent Hill is on of the worse, Silent Hill is hands down one of the best. Okay it's not a great movie but as an adaptation it's brilliant. I defy you to find a single moment in any video game movie that understands the source material as well as the moment when in Silent Hill the main character puzzles from the drawing in the car to the secret door in the hotel. Whether you like the film or not is irrelevant, and yes it goes off the rails in the second half, but it still shows an understanding of the game, something which can't be said for the Resident Evil movie.

The worse I vote for Spirits Within. I don't hate that movie and there's plenty stupider options in the list but I vote for it because I felt like that movie tricked me into watching it by putting Final Fantasy in the title.

Honestly I enjoy both Hitman and Mortal Kombat. But anyway this episode was fantastic.

Bloodrayne was an atrocity to mankind. The crossing out of old arguments was hilarious BTW.

Damn it, I liked the Pokemon movies, the Resident Evil movies, the Mario movie was pretty funny and I guess Mortal Kombat did well enough.

There are no winners. No one is the winner. Only losers. Excuse me while I go cut myself.

[sheldon]And the answer is, of course, Wing Commander[/sheldon]

A) Best episode ever.

B) Without the Street Fighter movie, we would never have this:

Agreed. We need to leave Street Fighter out of this. That movie was so bad it's AMAZING.

"Those are Bison Dollars. They're worth 200 English pounds...or at least, that's the price the Bank of England will agree to once I kidnap their queen."

Did only one other person in this entire forum see House of the Dead also?!

There was no House! There was inexplicable leaping powers! THEY SLICED TOGETHER BITS OF THE VIDEO GAME DURING FIGHT SCENES!

Alone in the Dark.... everythime Alone in the Dark!

What about Wing Commander? I mean the game itself HAD a better movie version in it.

i sooooo agree with you.. that movie was an abomination

I love what you did with this episode by interweaving many great picks for the topic together. I wouldn't want this every time because I want further analysis when it is a good subject. Although I would like to see you guys do this again every once and a while.

- Count of Monte Cristo(Media Sandwich Name)

Best episode yet. Brilliant and funny. And I am now used to Dan, it took a few eps, dont judge.
On Topic; Ive seen most of those movies and Im inclined to agree. I liked Final Fantasy: Sprits Within 'cos I never thought it as an adaption [I still dont take it as an adaption] and the tech' to make it was pretty cool, [for the time at least.]

Ow my sides.
This was the funniest yet.

mortal kombat annihilation. nuff said.

Mortal Kombat Annihilation is so bad it's good. It's nearly impossible to consciously make a movie that bad and actually achieve it. It's so bad I love it and own it on DVD. Way better than try-hard shit like Mega-Shark vs Giant Octopus. MK:A is genuinely bad. You have to be into video games and film (and kind of secretly like the first film) to really appreciate how bad it really is, but if you know someone who does, it is the funniest thing in the world to watch it with them.

King, meet Kula, Kula, King...

FF game have nothing to do with other FF games
I like mario bros and MK in their time
The worst videogame movie adaptation is The King of fighters

Yup, that would be my pick as well. You got a million insanely detailed storylines to mix and match with, a million awesome costumes (really, simplify a few of those things and they're basically streetwear) and you ignore them all to make something with a Mortal Kombat -esque story and add garters all over the place?

MK, Tekken and DoA were just really cheesy B-movies. I've actually watched MK and DoA mulitple times and enjoyed them.

And if you're ragging on anime, how about the Tekken animated movie? The thing goes by the title of worst anime movie in some circles. How the heck do you screw up a bunch of people hitting each other? Even the Fatal Fury anime films weren't all that bad (*boing boing boing*).

Oh jeez, I've seen so much junk because I like fighting games its depressing...

The VF anime series was actually pretty good if off-base, this surprised me to hell and back.

Ah well, it really wasn't the point any way.

Bravo good sirs. There are now bricks where poop should be

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