Alphabetically or Chronologically?

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Great article, I keep all of my games in their boxes and have them sorted by alphabetical order, but all of my friends just haphazardly leave their games laying around.

hmm..I dont really have a specific order

though I love to "display" things rather than keep then boxed...which makes me wonder what i should so with a while bunch of old gameboy games i have..hmm

Mine are organized by platform, then by genre, then by age. My PC game shelf is probably the best example of how it's sorted. It hoes from turn based RPGs on one side, to space flight sims on the other, with games sorted down esentialy to the subgenre level. It's hard to describe exactly, but if you know what each game on the shelf is, there's a certain logic to why each game is sitting where it is.

By platform, alphabetically, on which shelves fit the cases. I found a special box that was designed for storing N64 titles, so that saves me some space. It's quite simple, really. I didn't start knowing that I was collecting until the PS1, which was too late to save the boxes for the cartridges. But every disc game I have is in it's original case, with booklets, leaflets, and all. How people can place discs into other cases or throw cases out totally baffles me. Why one would ever do such a thing I'll never understand.

For current gen games I separate them by platform, then they are alphabetically ordered by series then put in chronological order (by release dates within the series) on shelves. Everything else is in a box in a closet.

For movies it is basically just straight alphabetical order with only 1 exception (I put the Harry Potter movies into chronological order since they would all be next to each other anyway).

For comic books I try to keep them in chronological order, since most of them are in the same universe.

Oh, and nice article.

My DVD's are organized by standard video store genre. (Comedy, Action/Adventure, Animation, Television, Sch-Fi/Horror etc.)
My Games are organized by platform.

After that I start to break it down into a mutant halfbreed organizational method. It's pretty simple to understand but it always throws people off.

It goes like this.

Alphabetically by the first title in a series.

So for example my PS2 collection has a cross section that looks like this.

Final Fantasy X
Final Fantasy X-2
Front Mission 4
God of War

Strictly alphabetical until you get to Amplitude, which is placed where it is because it's the sequel to Frequency.

Very much this for me as well. Amplitude is the one that throws people off for me as well, heh.

My games go by Console, Genre, then Time of ownership.

So if I got a old game new, it would be near the front of the genre as it was the latest I got.

I just separate my game's based on platform, that is all I do. Couldn't be bothered to do the rest

I'm quite interested to see if anyone does anything similar to me. I organise my games a bit differently.

First I organise by platform, but then I organise by which games I have played most recently. So if I want to play a game that I haven't played in a while, I just look to the back of the collection. Once I'm done with it I simply put it up the front with the other game I've played recently and look to the back again.

Does anyone else do this?

Platform then alphabetical for me, really don't see how their could be any other way. I mean who ever remembers when games release and why would it ultimately matter? when you want to find something you go by the name and what machine its on.

oh... my cardridhes are somewhere in a bad deep in a corner with my "console"....
my dvds.... 600+ of them... (mostly movies though, games dont reach 100) i keep in order i bought them though. all of them have a number, and all of them are listed in an excel sheet. and i remmember if i have bought it 4 years ago or 5 years ago. if i dont, quick search the excel.

By how often it goes in the xbox. Take a game out and it goes in the top of the dvd tower, as time goes on games that don't get played stay at the bottom. If it's still there by the end of the year I sell it.

Funny, I have a small system for my game cases, too.

For PS2 and DS all games from the same series stand in chronological order and are surrounded by games from the same genre. As in Europe all PS2 and most of the DS games have their title printed in black on a white background it all looks the same.

However, I sort PS3 and Xbox games from the colour of their case. Makes for an interesting RPG- and FPS-Rainbow, but I found every other order distracting. My games stand in a shelf next to my TV and can easily be seen from my couch.

To the people who throw away your boxes: ARGH WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!

I sort my games by publisher, then by developer, then by game series. For example, all EA games are sorted in a line, and all BioWare games are sorted together with DICE. (Both published by EA). So the Dragon Age and Mass Effect games are next to eachother, due to coming from the same dev. No real alphabetic order to speak of...

Limited/Collectors Editions are great for keeping the other games from falling over :3

I live in a small space the size of a shed so not much other than my manga is organized atm.. my 360 games are in a washing basket on the floor and the rest are stacked in piles in the wardrobe.. the only things properly sorted are the boxed console collection...

My game collection is everywhere.

The snes, nes, sms, and other cartridge cajoleries are stored in a trunk with the systems. I lost some of my genesis games during a move and deeply miss them.

The atari stuff is in random boxes I've yet to open in about ten years.

The Nintendo Wii collection is on the shelf near the main-room television (where the Wii is). Gamecube games are on one side, Wii games on the other. Games further left are the titles I play more often.

The PS1, PS2, and DS games are on the shelf with my dvds. Some of the PS1 games are on a CD rack near my computer. DS games are organized with stuff I'm more likely to play more often on the right of the line, with games I borrow from people on the furthest right. I don't think the PS1 games are organized.

The PS2 games were once shelved alphabetically, however have fallen into the timed and true 'stuff I beat on left, stuff I haven't beaten on right.' I try to keep series together, sometimes with a game from the series I haven't beaten on the right of the grouping.

Any physical games I have (Wii titles only, my parents won't let me get any other consoles) are alphabetical by moniker, i.e. SSBB (under B for "Brawl") is the very first game on the shelf in that setup. Well, besides the lame Bionicle Heroes port, but we don't talk about that one.

I just put them in a drawer or in my CD case. Don't much thought into how to organize them.

I organize mine first by platform, then by release date.

My 168 game Steam collection is pretty well organised into categories holding franchises. It is a bit annoying I can't change the order within each category though. Assassin's Creed is all out of order :(

I have a simple, if detailed system: separated chronologically by console, then alphabetically by series, then chronologically within in the series. Handhelds are organized by the same system, but kept separate from other games.

There are two places where this falls apart: 1. My Gameboy Color cartridges are a mess. I've got the Pokemon games together and the rest is just a haphazard stack on the shelf.

2. My husband either does not understand or refuses to acknowledge the cataloging system beyond separation of console. So, I'll go looking for Jak and Daxter, and instead of finding it with the rest of the franchise, it's at the end of the shelf in between SSX Tricky and Tekken. Where is the logic in that?

Grey Day for Elcia:
What is this 'box' you speak of?

Video games come from Steam, silly.

What next--milk comes from cows? HA.

I'm not sure if i should laugh, or cry at this .....

Susan Arendt:
Alphabetically by console, oldest consoles first. So my shelf goes PS2, Xbox, GameCube, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii. DS games are on the bottom and I have so many of them that they're stacked every which way. It's really quite embarrassing. I'm thinking of giving them their own dedicated storage area.

Do it. They deserve the love. I found a great tall and skinny CD shelf at IKEA. DS/Gameboy games fit beautifully on it.

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