Trailers: Dragon's Dogma - Progression Trailer

Wow...that was almost a caricature of overwrought narration. I don't know what was going on in the video, but I know that it must have been the MOST...EPIC...THING......IN THE WORLD!!!

I was looking forward to this game.... but now im not sure after seeing it.

I feels.... overly fantasy. Like they said "Whats Some things that really stick out in western fantasy?" and they just rolled with that. Dont get me wrong, it looks pretty cool. Just not what i was expecting.

Chances are its just me being picky about it. It just feels like whenever one culture trys to adapt another for a game, it comes off..... cheesy. Over done. Maybe its the killcam things that bother me, maybe its the lack of flinching when the guy with the greatsword gets hit, maybe its the way the spells look... But it just looks off.

Either way, im still wondering how the open world part of it will be done.

Another western RPG as understood by eastern developers. Always hilarious

Why would they release that trailer!?

I'm seriously pumped for this game, but this is like some kind of bizzaro anti-marketing.

Here, I'll post a better trailer:

And here is a 2 hour Demo if anyone is interested/has the time:

I really can't wait for this one. The Japanese seem to be doing better Wrpg's than us Westerners these days...weird.

Skyrim exploration + Shadow of the Colossus Combat + Assassins Creed cities + Bioware style companions?
Yes please.

can you say "Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning"?

Oh my, what a horrid trailer. The game looks great (especially like how the mage seems to play - no DA2 break dancing wizards here!) but this trailer is......weird.


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