Mahalo: Star Wars The Old Republic: Smuggler

Star Wars The Old Republic: Smuggler

Enjoy your stay on Ord Mantell with the Smuggler.

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SO um ya? Nice but uh couldn't I just watch a lets play or something. It doesn't really seem like you created much in the way of content beyond some editing cuts.

What on earth did I just watch, was that a lets play?

What on earth did I just watch, was that a lets play?

Tecnically no, AFAIK let's play needs narration. This is quite literally a copy paste of SW:ToR vids from the first hours of play.

Wich is fine IMO, as long as they are not getting paid.

Oh please, please go away My Little Bear advertisement.. Great video afterwards though.

LOL at 2:55 - did they change the voice actor mid-briefing?!

Ok, so the actual story is 10 mins long, without all the combat filler? And you get sent to get unstable chemicals without the stabilising canister the guy has?! And did that boss take his armour off mid combat??

Not sure the game footage is strong enough to make these interesting - at least "lets plays" have the japes and commentary to keep the interest up. You might as well have just grabbed the script and put it to comic panels for all the dynamism of these cut scenes - and at least then we might have been able to see a bit of action, lol.

Alien camel toe is disturbing


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