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This is why I hate movie trends. When it comes to stories, what works for one thing won't always work for another. Gritty realism (or what passes for it in Hollywood) worked great for Batman, but there's no way it possibly work for everything. Some things are just not suited for realism.
And some things are supposed to be fun.

I was definitely thinking something like the shaky-cam or even the "found footage" trope didn't make their appearance. Bob seems to always be down on these trends. At the same time, I guess its not like we don't know his opinion on that subject, so less reason to put it into the article? (best guess)

The guy laughing at horror films in the theatre? I'm sorry, that was me. A lot of horror films are just crappy, and bad acting, bad directing and bad plot just work on my funny bone.

Cool shout-out to Reanimater, tho. That film rules.

I can push horror/comedy back to 1938 with Addams Family, but I'm pretty sure we can get it further. Was there ever a time when horror didn't have its parodies?

I personally like the Orange and Teel color scheme if not overused. Transformers overuses it, but it makes sense aesthetically.

Obviously there are plenty of other (arguably) better options, but overall digital color correction is a very cool feature

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