The Big Picture: Hercules Part One

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This is on netflix, I'm totally watching this train wreck.

By the Gods, I think I own this movie. I will have to check.


MovieBob takes you on a journey through 1983's Hercules.

Are you sure this is not a misfiled comedy? Seriously, I was laughing at the clips.


Was that a god damned Robot Centaur? IT WAS!?!

What did those guys smoke before this?

Thanks to this though, I now have the Disney's Hercules theme in my head.

Good for you, I got this one stuck in my head. I can't believe I still remember this crap.

Although this show had the best monster sounds ever!

Iron in his thighs and fire in every part? I'm quite conflicted about this version...

haha id forgot abut this movie and yes it was just as WTF to audiences when it was first released. if you want an awesome hercules movie id suggestthe australian flick "hercules returns" its an old herc movie where its been redubbed :D

"oh no testiculies!"

Well... at least now we have an answer to this question...

Evil witch thing: "staff! make my monster grow!~"

Herc: "it's morphen time!~" (rips off his clothe)

Hogan: WTF?

How weird is this movie? There is a sequel!

You wanna know the real secret to this movie... it's all a horrible nightmare. Sersiously. Look closely at the guy with the crown in the last scene that Bob showed... Freddy.

Can't complain about Sybil Danning. That woman deserved an oscar for best half-boob. Top, side, under, she could do it all.


This is the stuff stoner dreams are made of. How can this actually be a real thing...?

I've familiar with Steve Reeves flicks but not this one. That clip of Hercules throwing the bear into space had me laughing hysterically. I want to see this now.

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