Mass Effect 3: The movement

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Zachary Amaranth:

-They were promised player choices through the series impacting the end, which they didn't get.

Actually, the did. Quite a bit. Just not in a way that was immediately obvious. The war assets you acquire (you know, the choices the player makes throughout the series) affects which endings you can select and what happens in those endings. Source:

NOTE: Your other complaint is completely understandable though. Without IT, the ending has more holes than a strainer.

I'm really surprised I have to pull the "you know what I mean," card, especially given what was specifically said and how your EMS rating does not fulfill said promises and promotion.

Although, I suppose in a thread about a comic where Retake is portrayed as just wanting a happy ending, pedantry is a pretty minor offense.

You know there's something wrong when you try to think of a worse ending and everything that comes up seems miles better. Heck, even the first Diablo's ending made more sense.


Retake Mass Effect, and the people peripherally attached to it, seem to have a modus operandi of deifying journalists and publications that agree with their point, and demonizing those that don't. Whatever your feelings on the ending and some the pressure to change it, accusing people who don't share your opinion of either not understanding it or being corrupt is intellectually dishonest.

To be fair, calling us entitled, whiny crybabies who should just get over it isn't exactly what I expect from journalists. I'm not saying they're corrupt or that they 'don't get it' (although one or two of them really don't) but they fail to look at both sides, which to me is a fundamental failing of journalistic integrity. They act like we're attacking or outright destroying art, when shouldn't they want to see games being the best they can, which would include reevaluating one's work with an aim to improve it?

Only problem is... journalistic integrity HAS been failing. For years, now. But yeah, I agree with you.



So what happens if you'd prefer more of a downer ending? They bring out the knives?

Also, is that Erin in panel 4? Her stripes vanished... SHE'S A WITCH!


Burn her? Don't you people know ANYTHING. To prove one is a Witch you must FIRST, weigh her against a duck. Then you can burn her.

As for that "strategy" at least once they get an actual load in the face they'll be a physical representation of how they've been feeling since they've beat ME3.

Well maybe if they swallowed they would get the ending they want.

Grey Carter:
You dirty bird, Bioware, how could you?

Given that most of the journalists attacking the ME3 "retakers" have done little more than trot out trite, throwaway lines about "artistic integrity" or construct laughably ignorant strawmen based around the imaginary wish for a "happy ending", I'd say accusing them of not "understanding" is actually pretty intellectually honest.

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