Escapist Podcast: PAX East 2012 Panel: Design a Dungeon

PAX East 2012 Panel: Design a Dungeon

The audience crafts an absurd adventure through the bowels of a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in New Jersey.

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Back to New Jersey for revenge and peeing into Ballpits.

Dig how the panel was done, wish it was in video.

I've tried DMing several times, think it'll be time to dust of the beginner box again.

I think I might do something like this for my group as a random side-event for a day when I don't have something planned.

EDIT after listening to whole thing: That was the greatest RP plot that I have ever heard... /slowclap


As awesome as the Vorpal Mallet of Whacking +5 sounds, a mallet would deal bludgeoning damage, and vorpal is only found on slashing weapons.

Still rather funny.

I went to that panel. I was hoping it would be a more serious look at how to design a dungeon, rather than people yelling random shit and not paying attention to the moderator, but it was still amusing.

Ravenloft <3

Note to self: get a job with a steady schedule so I can start a proper pathfinder game


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