Mass Effect 3: Retake This

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Jim seems able to grasp this, why is everyone else effectively dodging the issue and trolling?

Page views. Nothing more at this point.

Yeah, I see what they did there. It's a snarky "I didn't call Ms. Pac-Man a c*nt, I said that the Pac-Man graphic looks like a vagina, and that when it opens its mouth to bite down on a dot, it reminds me of a spermatozoa being ejaculated into the vagina. That's what I meant when I said "Ms. Pac-Man's a c*unt." type of attack. I know this type of attack quite well because I tend to employ it regularly.

If you support the Retake Mass Effect movement, then this comic is likely to annoy you because it's a thinly veiled jab at you, but you can't quite make the argument that the comic is jabbing you in the nose because it's supposed to be someone in the comic making fun of you, not the comic itself, ergo this is a comment on the industry and how the industry is capitalizing on this issue. If you think that the Retake Mass Effect is made up of entitled whiny crybabies, then you're likely to love this comic because it jabs those whiny entitled crybabies right in the nose and there's nothing they can do about it except make themselves look even worse because they totally didn't get the comic - see, it's not about them (wink, wink) but about the gaming industry. (wink, wink)

The comic should have started off with blond chick standing over brown haired dude at the computer, reading something on it. Then there should have been a look of epiphany come across her features. (maybe a literal lightbulb drawn in, dunno if that's in line with the style of the comic or not.) Then move into the rest of the comic. That would take away most of the ambiguity about the comic and get what's likely the "intention" of the comic across with even more clarity.


I had really hoped that we're through with the Mass Effect comics.

The next comic will take form of a batch of cupcakes that will be sent to everyone's homes. Chocolate N7 cupcakes and Vanilla Crybaby cupcakes


"Ahhh, crybaby flavour."

Okay, now I get.

Well played sir.

I actually like the ending, I can see why people were left disappointed but the ending was not as bad as people made it out to be.
I still feel that Bioware is just getting hella lazy now that they're EA's bitch.


Smooth. Real smooth. I see Sherlock will have no difficulty in procuring a new sidekick.

In the meantime, why not show your disgust with one of their badges? It should make things much better. *trollface*

They're saying that the rage is falsified in order to sell merchandise saying how mad they are about the ending, and still saying that the people who are truly upset are being 'entitled little shits'.

So basically its not really trolling, its just being a dick.

Edit: Unless they're saying that in order to get attention thereby getting page views.

If this is what you are implying, then yes, they are masterfully trolling, and god I need more coffee.

Yawn troll baiting to get more views.

I'm really bored out of my fucking skull with these kind of comics. Everyone else stopped a week ago, you know when the Extended Ending was announced?

What's next? A comic directed at Star Wars fans for being mad about the Prequels? Call me when you join the rest of us in the future. There's allot of other games here to make you not care about ME3.


They're saying that the rage is falsified in order to sell merchandise saying how mad they are about the ending, and still saying that the people who are truly upset are being 'entitled little shits'.

So basically its not really trolling, its just being a dick.

I'm sure they did. Now be a good boy and take the pills that take you pack to reality. Y'know, the place where the comic was actually, obviously about

Ooh! I've been waiting to see more of the people from Out of Tens. I think this is the first time they've been shown in a long time.

Ah, a troll comic. A bit late though, and not really funny.


oooh, brave. I respect that.

Just make sure you equip your dwarven armour of fire resistance. You're gonna need it.

So, the joke is that people will yell at you no matter what you say, so you are just saying the most offensive thing possible? Nice.

Is the ongoing storyline over, by the way? I was kind of getting into it. I'd be pretty disappointed if it all just led up to a mass effect joke. Not disappointed enough to retake the comic or anything, but still.

i honestly can't tell if this is making fun of the fans and their anger, the way the media (including the escapist!) has portrayed the fans and their anger, or both...

I don't have a stake in ME3 to be honest, i haven't bought the game or even played ME1/2, but the sheer stonewalling the media has done to the fans crying foul about the ending and wanting to change it because "it will set a bad precedent" is bullshit. It's amazing how some people (bob, jim, susan, yahtzee,[maybe cory and grey?]etc) have just ignored all complaints and portrayed the fans in a bad light because they aren't fans of the series. I not saying the ending should be changed but fans are correct to be angry about it. it is pretty terrible.

I don't know this one of those things where both sides have become so wearyingly terrible and disgusting that i don't want to be on either side and having a calm rational opinion why earns ire from both sides.

So everyone in the world was in on it, looking to make a few bucks, and maybe some laughs.

Well hopefully the rage generated can somehow be used to make some clean form of energy.
Maybe we can put the fans crying in front of a damn?

Seriously though, I hope we all can soon put this behind us. Not forget it, but not have it be the most important thing to talk about.

Anyway, good comic. As always.

nice to see charles and penny again just dont tell penny i used to like... never mind she just sent me an email pic ...sigh.... another childhood memory ruined by nathan fillion

The comic was great until the last panel. Do you think you could edit the comic to clarify the punchline a bit? It just doesn't make much sense as is.

Is this a critique of journalists/people-with-jobs-on-the-internet critiquing Mass Effect 3 fans?

Because if so, this is one of the best comics ever.


And thus the company went into the black for the first time in five years... by selling rage-baiting merchandise...

The FTC complaint and the Retake ME3 thing have nothing to do with each other. The FTC complaint was made by ONE PERSON. One absolute fool. Please get your facts straight before deciding to ridicule a group of people who simply spoke up because they were unhappy with how something was handled.

OT: Good comic, clever but bound to touch a nerve with a lot of people.

so um where can i get them t-shirts? <.<



Great comic, I could read this kind of thing all day because I know someone out there is really, really mad right now. Still infuriated about their overpriced time-waster didn't do exactly what they wanted in the last five minutes of a 70+ hour story arc.
I might get called a troll because of my opinion, but that's only because I have nothing but tough love for babies.

Considering the amount some of the more vocal and angry members of the Retake Movement swung the phrase around it gives me childish, petty yet great pleasure nonetheless to say "You just don't understand"

But if you make a small donation of 20 directly to my Paypal account (non refundable) I'll send you a hand written pocket guide* on how to understand and how to direct your hate towards the Critical Miss team in the most efficient manner.

*Not a scam honest, look it has words and pages and everything. You can check for yourself, just look through my screen, totally legit.

I.....I honestly can't tell who this comic is making fun off.

The people who complained about the ending? the people mocking the people who complained about the ending? Everyone involved?

Everyone involved?

I'm sure that's who history will decide the joke was on.

I know he is trying to imply that this is perhaps some sort of satire but it doesn't read that way. It reads like he is making fun of the fact that he is looking for page views from angry ME3 fans.

Ya know this might seem a little hard to grasp but there are web comic creators that manage to get pretty decent hits writing quality content. Maybe you should try it because strips like this just make me feel sorry for you and I couldn't be paid to give a shit one way or another about Mass Effect 3.

Wow, a comic about baiting stupid people for pageviews and profit that baits stupid people for pageviews and profit, I take my hat off to you sirs.

I think the last panel should have been everyone showing up late to a party.

Because that's pretty much what this strip is.

I thought to myself 'surely people will get the joke, it's pretty obvious.' Read the comments and. . .I just. . .

Well guys, I thought it was funny. I think the majority of people were seeing too much red to notice the last panel and the dialogue below the comic.

Really, the start of the strip is shock value. They're just trolling with it. The actual point of the strip is the last panel.

I thought to myself 'surely people will get the joke, it's pretty obvious.' Read the comments and. . .I just. . .

Well guys, I thought it was funny. I think the majority of people were seeing too much red to notice the last panel and the dialogue below the comic.

Really, the start of the strip is shock value. They're just trolling with it. The actual point of the strip is the last panel.

And, the point of the last strip is? If we're talking about the red-green-blue thing, then I'm afraid they were already beaten to that particular punch. By Bioware/EA, no less.

Anyway, this really should have been done a few weeks ago. It might not have made it funny, but it would have at least made it timely.

Not mad. Just sad.

Pretty much this.

How'd.....How'd you get the shirt on the bear?

With much gusto.

you know. even when the after ending dlc comes out. all those crying wusses would still cry cuz they arnt changing the three choices. just adding epilouge. and honestly.. thats great. i didnt mind the ending. just that it seemed to cut short. and epilouge is what is needed! but yeah. great strip :D

Issue: the Reaper King contradicts the tone and themes of the series, and raises several plot holes by his existence. Also, regardless of how you put it Synthesis is Space MagicTM in a series that otherwise doesn't have Space MagicTM. Also the lack of closure. Also... well, there's other things but I have stuff to do.

I will probably not be happy with the ending DLC, but not because they aren't changing the choices. I'd be unhappy because it is unlikely that the DLC will address these major issues. However, I remain cautiously optimistic - I've enjoyed almost all of Bioware's previous work (especially their DLC[footnote]excluding Pinnacle Station... grr....[/spoiler]) so I believe that it is still possible for Bioware to fix the issues they have created. We shall see when it comes out.

Wow. no one said "Missed the point" or "missing the point" on the first page.

Guess they got bored of using THE SAME DEFENSE OVER AND OVER!

I'm as mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

No wait, that's probably what you want.

Patrick Anderson:
Fans point out plot holes and inconsistencies with the ending and how it doesn't fit in the story

Game journalists and their websites that are plauged with EA ads call us entitled

Real journalists from Forbes, BBC News, CNN, NY Times, NY Daily news, etc... say the fans have a point and point out all the quotes Bioware said about the ending and how it ended up being lies.

Yeah, and you wonder why no one takes game journalists seriously anymore. I bet most of you game journalists cringe seeing more credible sources like Forbes rip you apart while you have nothing but petty comments to respond with.

It's a mater of burn out on the part of game journalists. They see overreactions every time any somewhat popular title comes out. Consider that we've seen extreme outrage over a single developer not updating his game quick enough for their community (Minecraft), and a character looking too different from last time (InFamous 2).

You see this constantly and people get burned out and when a legit complaint comes up all they hear off hand is the same volume and tone as the last 5 times and brush it off out of habit. It has nothing to do with being shills for developers.

Accusing everyone who doesn't support the "Retake Mass Effect" movement of taking bribes from EA? Truly a rock-solid argument in every way.

Saying that people only disagree with you because they're being paid to disagree with you is truly the perfect defense, and will totally dispel any misconceptions that Retake Mass Effect is made of bitter man-children.

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