The Growth of the Zombie Myth

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I was going to say exactly what Yahtzee said at the end of the article. Yeah, basically the regular zombies are other people, and I'm an extra-special snowflake. Surely if I were to die and mutate (but with my solid "stay-in-my-house-with-a-shotgun strategy, would never happen anyway), at the very least I would become a unique zombie that also (spoiler alert) maintains my brain and just makes me look cooler so I can haunt the protagonists as a cool and silent killer.

Also I would be covered in bandages, have a trenchcoat, meat wings and I will always regenerate so I'll never die. Yeah. That's what's gonna happen. The regular shambling hordes are the kids who used to bully me in high school.


Thank you :3

I Bought + Downloaded the Alpha for Project Zomboid today because of that vid.

I'm having a blast! :D

I think that the special kind of zombies, you know the ones that genetically change in such a way that they are distinct from others like they are faster, more muscular, etc. are needed in zombie stories. I say that because I always have thought it absurd that normal human zombies could have the kind of durability and advanced motor skills that would allow them to survive long periods of time.

1) Zombies are eventually going to starve, deteriorate (dead human flesh can't be sustained forever because it will rot unless magic is involved), be consumed by predators, or have an accident that renders them immobile (if a zombie can't feel pain then it won't stop to rest if it has a broken leg which over time will ruin that leg entirely).

2) Undead zombies aren't going to have very advanced motor functions and are going to be walking around very slowly making them easy to escape and can't easily get over obstacles. Viral zombies are going to be much dumber than a real human being would be as well and while faster because they can run still wouldn't be able to utilize tactics that would allow it to outsmart a human. A smart person could effectively barricade themselves in a building and wait for these zombies to starve to death or even pick them off with their guns.

3) Guns should be extremely lethal against a zombie threat and not just to the head. It is complete bullshit that a zombie having multiple high caliber rounds placed into its body shouldn't stop it. Try to have a zombie continue using its arms if the bones and muscle tissue is broken by the bullets, or have a zombie move if several high caliber bullets went into its torso and severed its spine. This isn't even getting into various Military weaponry, the U.S Military could napalm a zombie threat out of existence in a day or in more drastic measures nuke it out of existence in a day.

Zombie threats like Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil work well because not only does the virus infect large masses of people at once but it creates special breeds of zombies that make containing the zombie threat slightly harder.

To be fair: Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare is really, REALLY good. I mean I went into it as zkeptical as zkeptics get, but the game won me over with a HORRIFYING quickness. It's expansive, well-implemented and oh yeah, HILARIOUS. It is one of the funniest videogames I have ever played, and I played ALL the Quest for Glories, and early LucasArts adventure games.

I guess my point is: zaying "zombies are over" is pointless. Zombies don't ever NEED to be over, it's just the days of them being instant zelling points are over, but as long as the game is of high enough quality, I don't see a problem with chucking some zombies into it.

porpoise hork:
The best use of zombies was at the end of Shaun of the Dead.

I actually found that ending extremely plausible.
I haven't really watched any other zombie movie (being hemophobic makes the prospect a bit less attractive) but from the synopsis of most well-known zombie related media I always get the idea that somehow as a species we are grievously unable to save our society from a zombie infection. Is it really that hard to just send in the military and shoot them all up?

I am so sick of the old-hat infection story. It's like people don't want variety in their entertainment and somehow become mindless automatons that just look for their next zombie product to consume.

Although, this is probably more attributed to society at large not setting a standard for their entertainment because thinking is confused with labour.



Thank you :3

I Bought + Downloaded the Alpha for Project Zomboid today because of that vid.

I'm having a blast! :D

you're welcome!

if you are interested in more check this channel out

Although, now that I've applied some thought to it, zombies don't look like much of a threat. They look rather bland and uninteresting. They can't really hurt anyone as much as they should be able to (except for the runners), and they're all so predictable. We know how to kill them off with our normal guns.

... That being said, what if we were fighting Necromorphs instead (yeah, Dead Space)? Explosions don't really hurt them (so, fuck grenades and rockets), and our guns don't have the level of accuracy required to tear those limbs off. Not only that, but then there's the special 'morphs. The ones that regenerate lost limbs. Ugh... Hopefully someone on Team Science had been playing Dead Space and knows how to kill them, and starts arming the Earth's troops with rifles that don't fire bullets, they fire SAW BLADES. Or shotguns. Shotguns work, too.

Now THAT'S an apocalypse I can buy!

I thought "special zombies" came from the idea that not everyone dies from zombie infection, some mutate. And that's a mutant myth, almost as popular as zombie one.

"Chinese whispers"? Is that the British version of Telephone (a game kids play where you whisper a phrase to someone, they whisper to the next person, etc. and change it slightly each time)?

Zachary Amaranth:
Yahtzee got the origins of the zombie wrong, which to me puts a bit of a damper on an article that talks about the evolution of the zombie myth. It's also kind of ironic, when you consider he starts talking about the distortion of myths.

Exactly my thoughts as well - nothing about the origins of zombies in Voodoo lore.

It's kind of like talking about the history of punk and starting it with Blink 182 and Good Charlotte.

"Chinese Whispers" is telephone, yeah.

You know what would bring around a return of standard zombie conventions? Something I have been lobbying for that has never been achieved, quite yet: A game starring the zombie outbreak. On a global level, from the macro to the micro. When your player has a few hundred or a bajillion zombies to control themselves, shuffling, grabbing, and biting will suit them just fine, just fine.
In fact one thing that's been neglected is the 'zombie time bomb', that ever-present infection carrying, lying jerkass who hangs out with the living, apt to turn any minute in the midst of his former friends.
Really you don't need to change the zombies themselves to make a zombie game more varied and challenging. The environment of encounters can make it so, like any game really, but where it's a little overboard to make you fight fire-spewing hell wolves in obscuring high grass, it suits a field of crawlers well.
Course, as I said, any game could take a lesson from this, and give us better environments to fight in, instead of path valley path valley ad nauseum.

The Crazy Legs:
I mean, really. We all know how to kill them. Fill them with bullets, aim for the head, and if that doesn't work, get out a chainsaw and cut off their limbs. (Yeah, a Dead Space reference, get over it)

Actually its a Brain Dead reference (or Dead Alive if you're in the US)... which came out way before Dead Space you moron.

And no I will not get over it because its a great movie.

Portable Lawnmower in Dead Rising 2 was a reference to the film also.

... No... I... I don't know what that is. Never seen that, never played either Dead Rising. So I'm sorry that I didn't know that cutting off limbs wasn't original. Or did you mean the chainsaw part? I can't tell because I DIDN'T WATCH DEAD ALIVE!!!

The seeds of "special" zombies exist in earlier zombie movies. Even in the earliest Romero zombie films, he'd often show that some zombies functioned sort of like bellwethers, and it was implied that this was generally a consequence of the personality that they retained.

Yeah, I am a bit cynical about fast, pugilistic zombies and super-dooper mutant ones, it seems to miss the point.

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