Trailers: Resident Evil 6 - Story Trailer

Resident Evil 6 - Story Trailer

She just wants him for his blood. Typical scientist.

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Regardless of how it's no longer a survival horror game, I'm pretty much wetting myself in anticipation of this game

Once you see that giraffe in the six, you can never un-see it.

As for the game, I kind of miss when it was just zombies with the occasional science experiment gone horribly wrong. Now we have pod-people and that big bloke from batman arkham asylum. And on a related note: would it kill them to have a female protagonist again? I'm tired of hearing how awesome chris and leon are.

Where's the game starring Ada Wong from start to finish?

Just throw in Hunk and we're golden, he deserves better than Operation Raccoon City

... has Capcom started looking towards the movies for idea for new games? We have male Alice over here nigh-MarySued to Plot Relevance.

So much for RE6 being a reboot like Capcom said it would be....
Also, this looks like RE4 on crack I can't fucking wait.

still not sure about it. dint impress me so far. i hated part 4, part 5 was just "meh" but a nice shooter as such, this doesnt look any different either.

Oh my GOD!
Wesker has a son?!?
SHERRY!? (damnit..)

I swear the only thing that will kill this game is a escort mission.

Oh my GOD!
Wesker has a son?!?
SHERRY!? (damnit..)

I swear the only thing that will kill this game is a escort mission.

Seriously, until I read your last line, I was on the agreement that all the above was a negative thing.

Seriously, why are we going to completely new characters in an RE?

EDIT: Reading your final line again, I'm still not sure if you're happy or sad about the above?

I heard Kenpachi Zeraki and Lust. Wikipedia says Paul Mercier is Leon. I don't believe it.

I will be happy because there's Leon and he has a sense of humor.

Caramel Frappe:
This looks like it has much potential but.. C-Virus? Truth be told I think Capcom is losing it's touch on most franchises. One of them is Silent Hill, and now it's Resident Evil.

I thought Silent Hill was Konami.

Well, it certainly LOOKS Resident Evily. Which is to say a fairly similar plot and hordes of rampaging mutants running around to be killed. Interesting to see Chris and Leon in the same game for once, that only took how many installments? No Jill or Claire though, which would have been better.

I dunno about this. Normally I'm a massive RE fan, but this one isn't really getting me excited at all. Maybe because it's mostly cutscenes and no gameplay footage, which always makes me dubious. I need to see what the actual gameplay is like first.

Or maybe it's because, as others have said, the series has become stale. There doesn't appear to be any new ideas here and the plot's likely to be pretty much the same as all the others.

Resident Evil wants to be Metal Gear Solid. Oi. Maybe it wasn't well told but at least in the very first RE you had a clear plot: evil company wants to make monsters. Kill they ass. How much you wanna bet this one has all the lousy conspiracy theory garbage that Resident Evil: Revelations had? Complete with goofy-sounding names for cities, institutions and monsters, a lousy backstory, predictable plot with mountain-sized plot holes, and a good chance that by the end of the game, you'll be fighting another Sephiroth wannabe.

Just make it the T-Virus again. Honestly. It works FINE as your MacGuffin mutagen.

I hope Chris kicks Leon's twirly little ass. Yes, I'm taking his side because he feels like a more classic Western hero, and Leon is like the androgynous Japanese counterpart. I have made peace with the fact that I enjoy heroes who don't need to defy physics in order to be badass.

Rrgh. I just can stand it. This series has nothing left to enjoy anymore, it's just congealing into the same boring J-plots that are in EVERY Japanese game that takes itself too seriously. Replace all the monsters in this with robots and you get Binary Domain. Replace them with mind-controlled soldiers and you get Metal Gear Solid 4, yadda yadda yadda.

Seriously VH motherfucking S. We can afford a massive bioweapons lab but not a DVD-RW drive? Yeah, it's probably a bad thing when the use of a cassette tape as a means of advancing plot was one of the things that really stuck out to me in the trailer.

Chris beat Leon? Never! Leon is the far better character and is clearly better with the ladies :P

I'm interested if wary, I'm liked the early games and loved 4 but 5 just fell flat for me especially trying to play it with an AI partner it got downright horrible so I'm a little leary but will probably end up getting it eventually.

Chris beat Leon? Never! Leon is the far better character and is clearly better with the ladies :P

But Chris has better hair. He wins by default.


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