Zero Punctuation: Ninja Gaiden 3

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Ninja Gaiden?


*calls 911*

Yes, excuse me. I'd like to report an impending apocalypse.

"Nindgers. Damn."

oh, c'mon, don't look at me like that, someone had to make that joke.

mmm... I will stick to the old Ninja Gaiden for NES games :)
They were more fulfilling.

I've beaten this game on Master Ninja difficulty and it was not an easy time. Did you play the game on Hero mode or Normal Yathzee?

I never not laugh at a ZP but this one made me laugh out loudly in a way this series has not in a few episodes, bloody great!

Shame about the lame game but it was the right lame at least to get Yahtzee's wit focused well.

Just finished his latest four part LP so I am having a very good lunch break!

Yahtzee. Portraying a conflict in the Middle East isn't racism. Please stop spouting PC nonsense. "But all those guys I shoot are Arabs!" Yes, because that's who you're likely to find there, durrrrrr

And we all know that every games must have a significant portion in the Middle East! It would be preposterous to say otherwise!

Why does Mr.Croshaw *always* have to complain about women's breasts in games? I guess this means he's gay or something.

Japanese game developers just confuse me nowadays. It's like they're trying to appeal to a western audience and so they try to emulate western game design and trends, but they only do it half heartedly.

I had no idea this game even existed.

On another note, why the hell would they set part of it in Britain? It seems most incongruous.

You make me smile Yahtzee :)

Can I just point out that HIV hasn't been a terminal illness in developed countries since the 80s?

It occurs to me that the infected evil arm thing is lifted form Princess Mononoke

That was seriously the funniest Zero Punctuation I've seen in ages. It was consistently hilarious and wasn't overly crass. Bravo.

Not really a surprise even Ninja Gaiden has nerfed itself, publishers seem to think gamers don't want hard games.

That's because there are plenty of us who DON'T want games so hard we'd either have to be Asian, Jesus, or those folks at GameFAQs who claim to be capable of beating Battletoads on the NES without ever getting hit and never losing a life... whenever they want... blindfolded.

I really wish some people would realize that not all gamers are going to be that good, no matter how many years we've been playing (and some of us who are actually aging do start losing some of our reflexes, too). Now, knowing that NG3 is easier MIGHT get me to play it, if it weren't for the fact the game was crap anyways, at least to me; never could get into the resurrected series.

But yeah, I'm all for games with controller-hurling frustration getting their difficulty taken down a couple pegs. And really, am I one of the only people who don't get their knickers in a twist when regenerating health gets added? Sure the old way was fun, provided med-kits weren't as rare as valid information on Half-Life 3, but I've gotten to the point in my life where I don't really care if a game's easy, so long as I'm capable of beating it and the gameplay is interesting (and it has a damned good story, but that's not as important for non-RPGs).

Hyakunin Isshu:
Why does Mr.Croshaw *always* have to complain about women's breasts in games? I guess this means he's gay or something.

It could also be that, like me and others, he's a tad fed up with the blatent (and often pointless) objectification of women simply to get sales in the games industry. It could also be that, like myself, he prefers REALISTICALLY SIZED breasts, as opposed to the gargantuan monstrosities on display in some games. I can't speak for Yahtzee, but size E and up breasts tend to really turn me off. Heck, I'm not even a fan of D's unless the girl's tall enough to support them without looking like watermelons.

I think that if a guy can survive a base jump without a shoute then AIDs wont be much of a big deal .

"IT'S A NINDGER!" hahahaha still can't get over that one :D

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