Trailers: Prototype 2 - Weapons Trailer

Prototype 2 - Weapons Trailer

There are so many ways to destroy things.

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Well I didn't like Prototype for the shooting, I liked it for the brainless slicing and dicing. The shooting looks exactly the same as in the original but with some extra stuff. Not too special, but perfectly adequate when you need it.

Also, the game looks great graphically, way better than the first.

A series of large random explosions against an urban backdrop, delivered by a guy spouting inane macho one-liners and completely lacking any context.

I feel like I've just watched a trailer for a Michael Bay movie.

Ther werent any aliens, the basic plot isnt stupid (revenge), nor is the usa army the protagonist. So it isnt a michael bay type game, is just a normal random explosions and macho one liners game.

Well now i know the first thing ill want to do when (if) i get this game is to hunt down that minigun then role-play as the Heavy, with the ability to snap his victims in half from a quarter mile away with his extendo-tentacle arm.

I liked the first one, but this looked boring as hell. Seriously, show the weapons doing something really cool.


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