No Right Answer: Worst Transition from Animation to Live-Action

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I surprised he never said anything about pronouncing the characters names wrong in the "Last Airbender" movie.

M. Night Shmymoviessuck has been a joke since Signs, and there was no way he was ever going to succeed. Could anyone compress 20 half hour long adventures into one coherent 2 hour long movie? The answer is no. But MNS was such an arrogant ass that he even said you just don't get it after the movie flopped. A classic your watching it wrong.

It would not have been hard to make a Dragon Ball movie. I could see a giant Harry Potter styled epic, one film to every arc being created with tons of character development along the way. The sad thing is they went in such a different direction they failed without trying.

My vote is for Dragon Ball being the disappointment, it at least had a chance.

dragonball evelution is cack,maybe its not that bad if you never heard of it before doh, I mean I didnt hate the last airbender but I hadnt heard of it. Maybe thats why I wasnt gone on Avatar, I saw Poccahontis

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