Space Janitors: Episode Two

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Well worth the wait. This makes a new favourite series to enjoy. Cheers!

I love it. The actors are good, the props are well put together, the script is original and makes sense. This has so much promise. I am glad that this was less focused on Darby and more on the group as a whole. It helps set the stage and the group dynamics.

worth the wait

Spent almost the entire vid trying to figure out where I had seen the brunette from but I finally got it. Picnicface!

This series shows promise, I'm hoping it finds its stride and we end up enjoying a solid show.

Just show me where I can get one of those training uniforms!

Here ya go:

I'm really pleased with how this is turning out. :) Please, keep it up!

Now that the show has officially launched, whats the time-frame between episodes going to be.

I want more, and I want it fast!
Not as funny, but good expansion on the characters, assuming we continue with the same group for a whole series.

I approve. You may now be relieved to know that I enjoyed this show.
Okay, that's enough channeling Jim.

This was really enjoyable. I found the characters interesting and the story was good, too. I'll admit that I wasn't laughing the whole time, but the overall quality was excellent and there were some funny moments. I loved when they were going over the mortality rates and it's mentioned that 3% of candidates die, and its then clarified that's for clones while non clones have a 90% mortality rate.

All in all, I will be the Rebel's Advocate if it means getting more of this.

I liked episode 1 much more than this one.

See, I hated the first episode, this one was at least passable for me.
But personal tastes, and all that.

This is the best story focused show to come out of the escapist.

Space Janitors Crew:

Here ya go:

Yay! Many thanks. :P

Had a few laugh-out-loud moments, and the rest was building interesting characters with interesting relationships in an interesting setting. Very nice - I'm hooked. Ending was really sweet too :3

Great episode, cant wait for the next one =)

Loved it. Keep it up, and I just hope they come out faster. Though there are always constraints on creators.

I liked it, but the title card is so BORING! I almost missed the show because my eyes scanned right past it. You guys might want to consider making it more noticeable, might bring in more views.

it wasn't so bad, i wouldnt say great, but its good

Meh, same opinion as last time...didn't like it.

Its alright, a few funny moments and hopefully now we wont be waiting months between releases.

Very interesting show, I liked it. I feel like the scope you are trying for is a little bigger than your current platform will allow for though. Anyway, I look forward to seeing how this series evolves.

wow, after a long wait we get 11min of it. nice :)
was fun to watch, interesting characters and has funny scenes. well done guys. lets hope we will be not waiting any longer for the third episode.

I was a little worried that episode one was a fluke, but this one was even better. I love the idea of social groups.
The writing, acting and video are all great. The characters seem to work well together. Though that clone was annoying, that seems to be the point. I would like to have subtitles if possible, it's hard to hear the computer.
Anyway, great episode, looking forward to the next one!

This series needs much longer episodes. The characters are interesting, but we get too little time to actually get to know them, and the kind of comedy it uses would be more effective if it has characters to work with. One-liners don't do the production values and the writing justice.

Oh, and of course the world it builds - which is really, really great.

Well worth the wait, though to be honest I had sort of forgotten about the show.
Interesting production schedule to say the least...

I thought it was usual practice to complete the show, then air?
I'm genuinely curious here, not trying to be snarky...

I really am enjoying the show, love the take on the whole evil empire v idealistic rebels from the POV of the janitorial staff

Unfortunately, we lack FTL communications at this time - so after the initial episode, the round trip communications with the Canadia Cluster to request tight beam transmissions of the primary broadcast resulted in a bit of a delay. Now that the transmission has made contact with our satellite relay, episodes should appear at a much higher rate. :)

Aw, I wanted to be angry at the trooper dude for being so cocky, but he's so nice and stupid. I'd feel bad.
How can that... thing qualify as training, by the way? They're being sorted out even before Darby had any training at all.
Nice new episode! When I saw the first one, I was afraid you'd rely on the "rebels and troopers fighting, ignoring janitors"-joke too much, but it looks like I was wrong. :-)

Haha, blue milk reference. I like the scenes between Darby and the troopers, but the rest of the episode made me think "Sitcom in space" instead of the parody of sci-fi show the first ep implied. Over-all I'm looking forward to see the next one.

The look of this one reminded me of the cutscenes in the later Wing Commander games

Quite the improvement over the last episode, I nearly lost it when i realized L's milk malfunction was a direct homage to Ash's "malfunction" in Alien

The show shows major promise I look forward to more.

I didn't find it overly funny either (training banter being a possible exception), but I don't regret the 10 minutes spent watching it so that's something. It's fairly clear that the intent of these first two episodes is just to introduce the context and characters to the setting, so it might be worth waiting to see if the show finds its stride.

That being said the production values and the acting were both pretty good.

Oh wait, I did laugh a bit during the clone trooper's second dance.

I still think that the "Squall troopers" should be renamed to "Storm Masters"

I did quite enjoy this episode and look forward to episode 3 (Please don't do a valve on us!)

I also quite liked the correct use of the "sudo" command.

This show is getting more and more interesting.

I can`t believ how well produced this is. Great episode. Looking foward for the next one.

You can thank the government of Ontario for that.

Wow. This was waaaaaaayyy better than the first episode. Frankly, bravo on bringing your A game. I thought the writing was good (the actual story arc was very clever use of pop-culture tropes) and the effects perfectly adequate; but the actors were exemplary in hitting the comic beats and defining their characters. Keep this up! I really look forward to the next episode now that I'm invested in the characters.

Pretty awesome. Keep it up!

Loved it but dam the wait was a tad too long between epps. keep up the good work guys!

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