Trailers: Dishonored Debut Official Trailer

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Before I saw the trailer all I thought was
"New IP! New IP! wooooooo!"
Now I'm pretty impressed with the art direction and setting. Go Arkane Studios!

Now this looks really interesting.

Also, Corbo's mysterious visitor reminds me strongly of Murmur from Hellgate:London... I think it's just his manner of speaking like he knows the deepest mysteries of the universe and just decided to help out a dabbling child for his own reasons.

Thief meets Creed? Tasty, bring it on!

My main disappointment is that this won't be a sandbox game. That's too bad. What's worse is that the developers interviewed in that one video posted above seemed to suggest that just because the missions are non-linear, the game somehow has a quasi-sandbox feel.

No, that's wrong. That's completely wrong. Don't try to twist the terms here.

Otherwise, this looks pretty fantastic. I'm excited about another Mirror's Edge type game, even if it's a little combat heavy.

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