The Escapist updates: navigation and crossing the streams

The Escapist updates: navigation and crossing the streams

Two announcements in one day ... whew!

In the background, along with producing our copious amounts of content, and fixing broken servers, we've been working on improving the user experience here at The Escapist. We've listened to your comments and ideas, and bumped and tweaked many of them into the updated layout. You'll find with the improved design:

- Cleaner, more intuitive navigation with our top, horizontal menu bar.
- The Escapist Daily combines all of our daily content offerings into one stream of content.
- Our new categories of article types, and corresponding icons will allow our readers to customize their experience more.

In addition to the appearance of the page, and the onsite navigation improvements, we have updated our RSS feeds. Initially, we had separate feeds for the News Room and the Lounge, as well as a global one which combined the two. Well, now that we've crossed the streams, there's only one, which means those of you with RSS feeds need to update them. Grab the newest RSS information on our syndicate page. For now, we've rigged the old feeds to receive all content, and we'll leave it that way for the weekend to allow people time to update, but those will eventually be retired to the great RSS feed in the sky.

Please enjoy the improved design of The Escapist and let us know what you think!


Well I think it's dead sexy. Man, the guy who did all that must be friggin' awesome.

I've got just one complaint, really. Ever since the blue links thing at the bottom (it often points to WarCry something or other, but not at the moment), the Preview function of new posts has been pretty completely non-functioning.

One single RSS thread is the best idea ever.

Bongo Bill:
the Preview function of new posts has been pretty completely non-functioning.

D'oh - amazing what one misplaced line of CSS can do. It should be fixed and functioning properly now. You may need to hit Refresh a few times to get an updated stylesheet.

Excellent, it's working just fine. Thanks.


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