Trailers: Star Trek - Teaser Trailer

Star Trek - Teaser Trailer

It would be illogical to not look forward to this game.

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Star Effect! Yes! No..

I'm not looking forward to it at all! Looks like a generic 3rd person shooter. I really want to see a proper Star Trek game one of these days, one based around dialogue and exploration.

Looks like shit, honestly.

Star Trek Online looked more "realistic", for fucks sake.

You know who would do a decent star trek game? Obsidian, or BioWare of old

aww crap, its set in the (in my opinion) awful reboot universe with phasers that dont act like phasers, yeah I know in some of the TV series they have "bullets" so to speak, but the federation phaser weapons and ship phasers used to always (or most of the time at least) form a singular beam of light between the weapon and the target, small point perhaps but its details like that that they changed which made me hate the reboot movie

And thats not mentioning none of the charm the TV series had, awful acting, unlikable characters, the terrible camera work ("shaky cam" isnt star trek damn it!) and awful asthetics (so much lense flare and impossibly white walls!) and this is all that boiled into a generic, crappy looking 3rd person shooter

The only logical thing to do is to try and forget this exists!

*Disclaimer, all my opinon, if you think otherwise then good for you, you're free to enjoy it*

More like Mass Ettrek, har har har... I'll see myself out.

|"It would be illogical to not look forward to this game."

Well, not illogical at all to be exact.
Hate the new reboot, never cared a bit about ToS either.
Picard, Cisco and Janeway ftw! ^^

Well, I'll try it. Not sure how it'll turn out, but hey, could be surprising.

Looks like Mass Effect. lol Looks crap, dont know why they bothered.

So now we just have to sit back and wait for Mass Effect clones based on every single science fiction universe ever created to flood the market in hope of doing everything like it was done in something else that worked.

Wow... I was sure there was a mistake and that was a trailer for some mass effect dlc until the Enterprise appeared.

I think that it's healthy for things to be given a fresh slate every now and again, but the old universe had so much to explore from a game perspective that makes more sense than in TV/Movie form - look at the dominion war for example.

Maybe this is just a snippet from an action section? Hopefully 80% of the game is exploration and diplomacy... well I can hope can't I?

looks like the original mass effect, at the time it looked good but now looks like crap

It looks... meh. It may be an interesting Mass Effect ripoff, who knows?

How many companies are working on this? Holy crap.

Looks like shit, honestly.

Star Trek Online looked more "realistic", for fucks sake.

You know something? Apart from the Federation being unusually gun-ho about engaging in combat, Star Trek Online is one of the best Star Trek games I've ever played.

As for this. . . I'd be interested if it included decent space combat as well, something akin to Starfleet Command 3 maybe, but as it looks like it's just a third-person shooter based around the 2009 movie universe, I'm not very impressed.

hm. worth a shot i guess. but whether it's worth anything is up to the people who buy and play it. but not the rest of us.

Damnit I thought this was the new movie

This just looks like a crappy Mass Effect rip-off! Star Trek is a great franchise, but by God it doesn't translate well to video-games (unless they made a civilisation type game).

Deep Space 9 might work a little better as a setting for a Mass Effect DLC. I would love to see the station rendered with as much detail as the Citadel.

This Trailer needs "WE WANT TO BE MASS EFFECT!" in bold letters along the top.

And at the bottom, in small letters, "and Call of Duty."

Wow, just Wow. Did not sell it. Did not sell it at all.

Hot tip. If you want people to pay attention to your game, your ad needs to show how it is different. Not how it could easily be mistaken for other games.

Why the hell does almost every damn major game that's coming out these days just HAVE to be a shooter? Especially since it's Star Trek, couldn't it have been a nice simulation based on exploration, diplomacy and the occasional battles? I'm thinking a mix between Solar Winds (but in the Trek universe), Star Trek: Bridge Commander and maybe even Star Trek Armada would be perfect, of course emphasizing the diplomacy and exploration side. I mean FFS, look at any of the series (except the latest one) and compare how often they get into firefights and how often they have to solve things diplomatically or using their brains. So much could be done with many of the IPs currently owned by game publishers... look at X-Com (glad they're FINALLY making a strategy game out of it), look at Syndicate... sadly all we get is clones of some first-person or third-person shooter. I have nothing against those games, I actually did and do play some of them. But when the subject matter has absolutely no need of being turned into a shooter... my question is just simply "WHY".

Even if we ignore the obvious comparisons to Mass Effect, or any of a dozen other games on the market, nothing in that trailer looked good. And I mean it literally looked bad. That's some of the stiffest animation I've seen in a while, and the art style in the environments made me want to puke.

It would absolutely be illogical to waste anymore of my mental capacity on this game. Definitely skipping this.

Mass ETrek? I don't know :/ Star Effect doesn't quite work either. Then again, it would appear that this game doesn't either.

Star Trek Meets Gears of War?

Not sure what there is to like.

Jeez, graphics look terrible :( If they can't get that right, I doubt they can get much right.

Lemme play McCoy or no deal.

Mass ETrek? I don't know :/ Star Effect doesn't quite work either. Then again, it would appear that this game doesn't either.

Star Mass? Trek Effect?


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