No Right Answer: Worst Videogame Ending Ever

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I still haven't forgiven Obsidian for their unfinished launch of KoTOR2. Even the first time that I played through, before I even realized how horribly unfinished the game was (although, I was getting very suspicious that there were so many impossible-to-open doors and unfinished quest tabs building up in my journal....) I practically threw up my hands and said "THAT'S IT? YOU JUST LEAVE?"

And I still refuse to touch an Obsidian game because of this. I don't care if LucasArts pressured them to release early (and I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case). The ending of KoTOR2 was so bad, it was actually climactic; it was the perfect half-finished pile to conclude a game that had been pushed out while the development team was screaming "WE'RE ONLY HALF DONE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD JUST THREE MONTHS THREE MONTHS IS ALL I ASK."

these guys are idiots.
FFVII has a very clear ending, and the only thing the sequels did was make it LESS clear, and ruin the story.
gta3 maybe is a lame ending, i never got around to beating it, i dunno. but wtf is he talking about that it inspired other stuff? no, vice city, gta 4, la noire, red dead, jak 2, prototype, fable 2, they all have VERY DEFINITE ENDINGS. he has just confused leaving the gameplay open with not having an ending. this is stupid. tommy vercetti wins the day and becomes the single head of crime in vice city. Niko chooses how to deal with his issues, and is punished with the death of a loved one, or kate. La Noire ends with the main character dying. Jak 2 ends with the metal heads being defeated and the hope of peace for the future. Prototype has the main character go off to be a shapeshifting blade-wielding superhero. fable two ends with the villain laid low and a blind woman fucking you over. not a good ending, but a clear one. assassin's creed 2 is another game with a clear ending )a cliffhanger, sure, but still a real ending)

STUPID! this conversation was wrong on all fronts!

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