76: All I Want for Christmas is Wii

"Of course I want one of these bloody Wii things! Yet, freezing like a skittish, hungry bear that's stumbled across a fast food restaurant's bin, I panicked. I handed the phone to my wife and told them to work it out among themselves under the premise that I wanted a surprise. A few days later, I received some scarves (plural), gloves and pajamas."

Darren Sandbach wants a Wii, and he'll trade his two front teeth to get one.

All I Want for Christmas is Wii

My attempts to get my family Wiiing (how's that for a word?) have been met with mixed success. On the one hand, everyone who's tried it has loved it. On the other hand, they're proving extremely reluctant to try. Like if they fall into the trap of playing a video game they're suddenly going to turn into... well, into me, socially speaking.

Darren Sandbach:
I don't want a Wii out of selfishness. I look at it as something that's going to finally get my family playing together.

This is exactly my reasoning for wanting a Wii also. And it was so close to being a reality this Christmas, except for the minor detail of suddenly needing to buy a new car.



Just dropping in to say you have the best username ever.

Darren Sandbach:
...recognizable and intuitive interfaces that allow a coming together of people...

What I find really interesting is that this sentence is arguably also true for Microsoft, if you're willing to interpret "coming together" figuratively. Both Microsoft and Nintendo want you to play with your friends. Nintendo wants you and your friends to game together in someone's living room; Microsoft wants you and your friends to game together over Xbox Live.

These complementary approaches may be helping the "Wii60" meme along.


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