Opera and the Wii Make Cute, Cute Babies

Opera and the Wii Make Cute, Cute Babies

As our intrepid Shawn Andrich pointed out, Opera, the popular web browser, will be available on the Wii this Friday. Pretty cool stuff, for sure. But what made me notice this announcement in the deluge of email I normally get from advertisers/PR folks is the unbelievably cute cartoon Berit Hanson of Opera.com attached to the press release.

(Click for the larger image)

How awesome is that? There's ninjas, a Wii who speaks in thought bubble, an action-figure pose and a little spider. This cartoon alone made me think about trying out Opera in favor of Firefox.

And PR people, please take note: If you want me to talk about your product, please include a cute, less-than-20-kilobyte cartoon in your emails. Thanks.


The page is, unfortunately, full of this:

[quote]Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/web/global/classes/class.ims_forums.forum.inc on line 391[/qupte]

Making the entire post unreadable.

Refresh, yo.

Refreshing doesn't change anything.

In any case, Opera is a great web browser. High degree of standards support(arguably higher than Firefox), and the only one that I know of that supports webpage slideshows(now if only there were more of them). Furthermore, it supports have many pages open at once quite nicely(I have 65 right now). With my experience, Firefox just feels a little clunky compared to Opera.

Does it have extensions? Because I really like that aspect of Firefox. Chances are, if I want my web browser to do something a web browser shouldn't do, I can find someone who made it do it anyway.

Also, could you take a screenshot of the error? I'll forward it along to tech. I'm not seeing it on my end, but that may be because I'm Behind the Curtain.

It seems to have been fixed. It could have been the computer I was using before.

It's gone now, I don't have a screenshot. Error messages like that indicate a server-side problem.

Opera doesn't have extensions, but it has many functions that can replicate the functionality of extensions, many of which are built in. Opera has many preferences, skins, custom buttons, user js, and widgets that can let you personalize your browser to suit your needs. Opera is also consistant across platforms, so you can have a similar experience no matter your OS.

I've seen a list of the most popular extensions and how to get the same functionality in Opera. Not everything is doable, but much of it is.

I was having a similar error in IE6 at work earlier today. It went away when I logged out. It isn't showing up in Safari here at home.

I'm not sure how interested I am in the possibility of web browsing via a console -- at least, not unless the console supports a wireless keyboard and mouse. However, my computer is about five feet from my TV, so if I want to look something up online it's not like I need to go far. :P

I'm really not at all excited about have an internet browser on my wii. I just have this horrible feeling that it won't work on my tv and that the text interface is gonna be way clunky.

The potential found in wiicade.com is, on the other hand, incredibly arousing.

The potential found in wiicade.com is, on the other hand, incredibly arousing.

Thats what I'm interested in most as well. When I first heard about it I was shocked that the possibility of using the browser in this way never occured to me. I think it will be quite cool.

However, I don't like Opera. I have the Opera browser on my computer, but I get weird issues sometimes with sites that I make. And whats the deal with FireFox and Opera ignoring the cellspacing command in the table tags? Cellspacing isn't a standard, offical HTML command or something? Honestly... I don't know, I'm seriously asking.

Dude, tables are so 1999. It's all about CSS now.

Oh God, who said that?

Dude, tables are so 1999. It's all about CSS now.

I'm not up to date on my web building. I really only do it as a hobby, so I'm no expert, but I don't remember CSS having the cabability of giving the structure I need when making a page. I like graphics more than anything. Photoshop is great stuff.

CSS is meant to give "structure" to your page, depending on your definition. The idea now is that (X)HTML is simply for data and the structure of the data. CSS is for all of the presentational elements of the page.

As for your problem, it's possible that it's Firefox and Opera which are doing it correctly, and Internet Explorer doing it wrong. IE has a history of not doing spacing correctly, and this frustrated many web developers for a great deal of time.

According to Opera's page on standards support, it properly supports the cellspacing attribute.

Oh okay, cool. Thanks for the info Meophist. I should probably read up on how things are currently being done. Maybe I will learn to love Opera. I just downloaded FireFox 2.0 and its working great for now. I just hope that I don't end up randomly getting closed out of FireFox for no reason, dumping all of my saved bookmarks for no reason, like I used to with the previous version.


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