Miracle of Sound: Crucible (Mass Effect 3)

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Due to the lack of lyrics, this has to be the most "meh" Miracle that i've seen, because of the lack of lyrics. I easily have hundreds of hours of very similar instrumentals for when i'm bored with whatever game's music that i'm listening to. I listen to Miracle of Sound because it's got lyrics that are usually distinguishable enough and go well with the song. Getting rid of that makes this particular song mediocre.

Beauty and power; hope and grief; clarity and chaos, all working in total harmony, a truly superb piece which captures much of the feeling for the Mass effect series. Gavin, you have my thanks for creating this most inspiring of pieces.

I seriously can't stop listening to this, such a great piece of music. Kudos sir! :)

Lol, Justin's Shep looks just like mine.

Am I the only person who thinks this should be the theme for the world snooker championship? :-p

Absolute brilliance -- the Reaper sounds are wonderfully placed, and the segue from the slow intro into the harsher main section of the song is butter-smooth. I honestly expected something like this to come from a professional studio; after this, I really think you can do just about any style you want to, and do it well.

I actually like the ending and think it fits. A fuzz-out into an abrupt stop leaves the listener with the sense that something is cut out and missing -- and since it's the end of the song, there's no way to find it. It's just over. Nice.

Easily my favourate miracle of sound. love this type of music and it fits so well with the cinematics you've chosen. Super Jolly!

Crucible (Mass Effect 3)

A Mass Effect 3 inspired instrumental by Miracle of Sound.

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Hey Gav...

You gonna make a new ending to this song to reflect the new ending to the game?

This is the soundtrack of the mass effect of my dreams, you know, one that's not trying to be an action movie.

Beautiful song!

holy crap this song is amazing!
just started learning how to play piano, bought the song on bandcamp right away! gonna try to play it :)

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