Space Janitors: Deck Crew: Bounty Hunter

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Ok its growing on me.

I like it.

Keep up the work and you'll have a good series here

Loved it! Gotta agree with whoever called out the acting: it's fantastic. So's the writing for this episode.

I am loving this series, the excuse scene was great. Keep up the great work everyone.

I loved the acting in this one XD
Nicely done. "I gotta do a lot of quotations." I'm so using that excuse.

Really enjoying this series, keep it up :)

Woo, that's more like it! Short, timely, nice idea, good acting. Enjoyed, keep it coming and I'll keep watching :D

Hmmm, back to characters we don't know anything about delivering forced, Seinfeld-esque dialogue and relying too heavily on old tropes. I liked how you played around with those tropes last time, it was clever. This was just lifeless. Sorry guys, series still has a lot of potential. Better luck next time.

It was amusing and wasn't too over-the-top.
Is this Sit-com?
I liked it. It was sincere and felt genuine.

Not bad. Amazing production values as always, and I really like the set up, but... I dunno. I didn't actually laugh, I guess. I was waiting for a punchline but it never seemed to show up...
Likeable actors, though! Kudos to them.

Also, might help if it looked like the guys were actually doing something with those bits and pieces, instead of trying to make it look like they were doing something...

I like the show, guys, hope I wasn't too harsh, there, but I do hope you guys keep making it!

Maybe I just don't get it but this was pretty boring and not funny to me. /shrug

I don't know how I feel about this show. I'm not exactly attracted to it.

I enjoy dry humor. But I thought it would be more...spacey? You know, not just Seinfeld with jetpacks and funny gadgets.

The second episode was the best one of them all so far. It had more of a plot but it was also a stand-alone episode. The characters were more real...I don't know how to explain it.

The first episode was going somewhere with the bounty hunter cameos and the clones...then it got boring once the plot went nowhere and we were stuck with the two most boring guys in that ship. Second episode actually showed those characters had a personality, even the android. Third episode...back to square one. It went nowhere. I realize it's like a side story, but it was still kinda...just pointless. Great acting and writing but I feel it could be so much more.

Maybe I'll come back in a couple of weeks if I ever find myself bored to see where this is going.

PS: I do appreciate the work and special effects and time and effort that went into the series. That I cannot deny. So kudos for that.

For some reason, I didn't enjoy the use of the word "smooched", and I'm pretty sure the average person would just say "kissed." That aside, the range of expression on Dolore's face really sold me on her character, and I could almost feel a sense of beaten-down desperation in Walmsley's voice. I also agree with what others have said; the way she reacted to Dolore's wild gesticulating was absolutely excellent. Keep it up!

These actors are really good. I wonder if they're experienced in live improv. They have a winner with this one.

P.S. Where the hell is DORALEUO . . . aleu . . . Doraleous? Where the hell is DORALEOUS?!?!?

These actors are really good. I wonder if they're experienced in live improv. They have a winner with this one.

P.S. Where the hell is DORALEUO . . . aleu . . . Doraleous? Where the hell is DORALEOUS?!?!?

Both Sarah and Kayla are very experienced improvisors. In fact, Sarah won Best Female Improviser at last year's Canadian Comedy Awards and Kayla won Best Performance by an Ensemble - Television for her work on YTV's That's So Weird. If any of you are in Toronto or nearby, both of them, along with most of the cast perform regularly at Comedy Bar.

Man, this show is AWESOME!

I really enjoy the interplay between these two actors. I liked "I know a lot about jetpacks"

want MOAR!

I'm really enjoying this series so far. Keep em coming!

This is awesome. I don't usually watch live-action stuff on this site, so you have really won me over. Keep up the good work!

Loved it. This is getting better and better. Love dry humor, and I also love the idea that these are all the "bad guys". Really fun, good actors and great production values. Keep it up.

wow you people are so easily amused. boring and not funny...

I somehow missed this one until now. Loved it as well. This show is starting off so strong. High-five, Escapist!

My only real complaint is that the characters were almost indistinguishable from each other; at first, I thought it was another set of clones! I'm sure that if you know the actresses in real life, the differences between them are clear enough, but at first glance they have very similar hair, facial structure, and vocal inflection. I know it's unrealistic to have groupings of individuals represent the whole spectrum of human shapes and colors, but Hollywood studios do that because they've realized that audiences are dumb and it takes a while to learn subtle differences between outwardly similar actors and characters.

Having them seated and not changing their original orientation helped, as did the name tags (though they're small and difficult to pick out from the uniform), but something more should have been done. Different hair styles (and no, mid vs. high ponytail doesn't count), accessories like welding goggles or space glasses (of course they're different from regular non-space glasses! Like the silly Google glasses or Geordi's visor), different uniform details (denoting slightly different jobs), or even having them engaged in significantly different tasks (fixing VHS tapes seemed a little too generic?) could have helped differentiate them more.

Just some thoughts on how actor recognition and character building that can be done through subtle means really helps build a show and an audience.

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