I Must’ve Been a Really Good Girl This Year

I Must've Been a Really Good Girl This Year

Know why? Cuz I got the best Christmas gift one could possibly get this year: the Nintendo Wii.


Yep. There was a large package under the tree, wrapped in gold and tied up with a ribbon of my favorite color, red. I knew this was a special package. I had high hopes for it, but I tried not to get too excited, cuz, well, I knew the Wiis were hard to get. But finally, Christmas morning came, and it was time to open gifts.

There was a delay in getting to that particular one ... I think the gift giver was holding off on purpose, making me wait. And then it came time to open it. I lifted the golden lid...

And there was a smaller box inside! Wrapped in green paper! Someone thought they were being cute. Unable to wait, I uncharacteristically ripped the green paper off and there it was, in all its white, shiny, sleek glory.

I managed to get through the rest of the gifts, one of which contained a couple of games for the Wii, Super Monkeyball: Banana Blitz and Trauma Center: Second Opinion. After a very easy set-up process, the Wii was up and running, and I was swinging away at the yellow and red tennis ball in Wii Sports. And pitching a baseball. And throwing punches in boxing. And changing into shorts and putting my hair into a pony tail to ward off the sweat I was working up.

I finally decided to take a break from being a sports all-star to check out the other features of the neat little box (little indeed, the Wii is only slightly larger than a PC game box). This pause was not at all because of my tired and vaguely sore arm. No, really. ...

I configured the Wii to connect to the internet. After telling my Miis (avatars representing me) they were allowed to go off to other Wiis to play (Nintendo's answer to social networking) and checking out the weather for my city tomorrow (Wii Weather channel), I decided to download the Wii browser. I popped over to check out WarCry, our sister site, and read the new threads on The Escapist Forums from my couch, in my living room, on my television.

I wondered if I could check out videos on my television, so I wandered over to YouTube. The videos play. And they look just fine, if a tad grainy, on my non-HD TV. And it was halfway through watching this video (which is a little unduly harsh to other parties), I realized: Nintendo has not only made a console that is responsible for the most fun I've had playing videogames in a decade, but they've made it possible to surf the internet without a PC. And while the interface is clunky (for now), they've managed to do it for $250.

I wanted a Wii before Christmas. I got one. I am more impressed than I hoped to be by this little bit of technology. Even today, the day after the golfing/tennis/boxing/bowling/baseball extravaganza, after I might have awoken this morning with a stiff and sore right arm *ahem*, I find myself unable to stop playing. I have been resting my sore muscles, working my way through some harrowing, near-loss-of-patient surgeries today in Second Opinion.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I have an important surgery to attend.


I think it would have impressed me more if you wrote this using the Wii Browser or something...

But yeah, it's fun to surf while lying face down on my couch... it's like closing your eyes and walking around, you're going to wind up somewhere and more times than not, it'll be an interesting experience...

Wiiii, welcome to our community Andraste ^_^

We'll have to plan some online play when it becomes available. :)

Oh and if you liked the Wii sports, be sure to check the Wii Play games to be bundled with a controler early next year.

I'm sore from the ribs up from tennia. I have the habit of going all out and swinging like I'm acually playing. It's fricken awesome ;)


Is that how they say "tennis" in Canadia? Is it like that football/soccer thing? Surry, I can't participate in your silly American football game, I'm playing doubles tennia with the Cartwrights at the club, eh.

Wow, thought that writeup was posted by a sockpuppet until I checked the username. Nintendo must be doing something right ! ;-)


Is that a new country? :P
Up here in Canada, it's not listed on the globe ;)

My merciless mockery of Canadians is merely a screen against any would-be Texan hating. Like a kind of cultural Napoleon Complex. Because, honestly, there are about twenty thousand more reasons to hate Texans than to mock Canadians. I know this, you know this. We all know this. Pay no attention to the man behind the Lone Star Flag.

Congrats on getting a wii!!
I'm glad your having fun with it. :)

feel free to add my to your friends list, mine is empty at the moment and it would be very cool to have some escapist mii's trundling across my screen!

my system code is 1959 2575 2518 6162

of course you'll need to post your code here too for it to work (damn nintendo) but hey, we're all friends here right?

nice that somebody finally mentioned the Wiinternet experience :) With the shop and Sites like wiicade I can play dozens of games and the best is yet to come :)


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