The Escapist Presents: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Single Player Interview

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Single Player Interview

The Escapist sits down with Jay Posey, Narrative Designer on Ghost Recon Future: Soldier, to discuss the single player story and the unique challenges of writing for games.

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It's a

. It must be. They would always choose the most dangerous thing possible to give it narrative tension. No-one wants to be the ghost recon team recovering from how a crate of tax-free cigarettes nearly made it into the country.

Besides he said 'a' something, so even if it is believable that they were freaking out about how someone almost managed to get some guns into the USA (!) it still wouldn't fit.

What with the CoDs and MGS',

are becoming the modern day princess :D

The way he described the writing process for a game made it sound so difficult and I love the way they were making it a more subtle thing and getting back in touch with the recon roots

What with the CoDs and MGS',

are becoming the modern day princess :D

Thank you, Ghost, but our

is in another castle.

Jokes aside, I still can't make up my mind about this game. I keep seeing things that I like a lot (The stealth, the synchronized headshots, sneaking up behind people and shooting them in the back, customization of weapons) but along with that I see things I really don't like (Vehicle sections, massive shoot outs, big explosions)leaving me feeling not quite sure what I think of it. Also, I had kind of thought we already did the "near future" take on ghost recon? I like near future stuff, and I think this next game seems to be doing a good job of it... I just wish I could see something a little more "future" and less "near."
I'd like to see a strategic tactical take on a cyberpunk setting. I think the Ghost recon style of stuff could fit very well into a cyberpunk SWAT sort of setting, set in a massive urban distopia.
I'll do for this game what I do to most games. Wait for it to come out, read the reviews, watch yahtzee's take on it, and then wait for the hype to die down before I decide if I want it.

I think this game is shaping up nicely. For the vehicle sections and stuff, anyone remember Advanced Warfighter? That game made you the most vulnerable I've felt in any modern shooter, and the levels reflected that. It was easy to die, and stealth was a necessity. But then you got some actual air support and a huge destructive battle started, and things got awesome. The vehicle sections were a way to let off steam and release the pressure on you from all the stealth and badassery you've been doing on the ground, letting you blow stuff up, all the while knowing that this is limited and pretty soon you'll be on the ground doing it all again. If they can recreate that feeling in Future Soldier, they've won themselves a purchase from me.

I played GR first on my old PS2 and I was so excited about it. Years have passed and sincerely I didn't play another title but this looks amazing. I love Battlefield 3 and it looks like Ghost Recon is getting similar features and it looks amazing. This gunna b gr8

Does anybody know if this game will be available on Steam?
Their special packages are coming soon, and I wish they included this game


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