Zero Punctuation: Kid Icarus: Uprising

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Doesn't Yahtzee already have an established history of hating on Whedon & his work? I don't mean to get off topic but it has come up in earlier videos, and there's that YouTube vid with him & the two other guys talking about Whedon's writing style. And yes, Yahtzee's in fine funny form.

Maybe you people should realize that just because Yahtzee doesn't like a game you do, it's not a personal attack on you. I played the game and liked it. Yahtzee brought up some valid points, but I still enjoyed the game. Maybe if you were a real fan you would actually play the game instead of rushing onto a forum to spout vitriol at some guy who has a different opinion from you.

Good review by the way, best one for a couple of weeks now.

...we're not claiming personal attacks on ourselves, we're just stating our disagreements with him and responding to those on the forum who DO attack us personally.

My Nintendo Fanboyisms aren't really upset at you for this review, Yahtzee. Mind you, I don't have a 3DS because they make me hurlicious, and I haven't seen the game yet. Maybe if I played the game I could be frothing in rage, kind of like how I was when you reviewed Monster Hunter Tri for not making fun of the little helper guy.

But I will say I was absolutely giddy with good memories when you brought up the GameCube controller and all of its awesomeness. ``

I can play the game fine without the stand. Since I lost my stylus (I swear, the stylus holder is too loose... I've had my DS Lite for 5 years, and it still never slipped out, while I only had the 3DS for a week then lost the stylus), I found that it's even playable with your right thumb.

Also, I use A(right),B(use powerup), and Y(left) for powerups, the default D-Pad settings are terrible because you can't move and choose powerups at the same time.

The only thing I hate about the controls is that it's way too easy to dash and slip off an edge. It should just be double tap to dash in my opinion. We shouldn't have to gradually slide the circle pad just to walk comfortably.

Hmmm Kratos in a Kid Icrus game......Gentlemen we have a new blockbuster game idea.


I don't even know why they made another Kid Icarus game. Did you play the one for NES? That game sucked ass. There's one part where you go into a door and there's just nothing there, just an empty room with no music even. What the hell was that about?

Can you describe what the room looked like? Because that may have been a hot spring.

No shocker that the 3DS causes physical pain to play. I played wii boxing for two weeks, and thought my arms were going to fall off. Most people who haven't experienced this would say "oh you must be fat and lazy to say that." Go ahead try it. See how much "fun" it is. The reality is when you try to punch, kick, or move without facing equal resistance (AKA gym equipment) you will have an equal and opposite force acted on from the contraction of your muscles that in no way counter balances but doubles to stress on your joints. obviously with the 3DS its a sedentary problem but a similar concept. So I find it a pretty predictable that nintendo would once again sacrifice life and limb for their games......literally. And lets face it fan boys. The only real reason to buy a nintendo 3DS is to play the newest pokemon (which are mostly throwbacks to red and blue as well.) Flame on all you want.

You... do know that there aren't any 3DS Pokémon games, right?

I mean, unless you count Pokédex 3D, but that's not a game, it's just a free glossary app. There aren't any pokémon games in the main series released, or even announced, for the system just yet.

There are plenty of games on the system for which I got the thing. This game is one of them, and I haven't been so satisfied with a game purchase since Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep, Monster Hunter Tri, or Tales of Symphonia.

The Wii Boxing tangent literally has nothing to do with any issues the 3DS might have. Whatever damage a punching motion into air carries, it doesn't have anything to do with the motions used to move the stylus. Especially since the stylus is placed on a screen which does act as a surface to resist your motions, so the analogy doesn't work, even on a smaller scale. And if it's a problem with the way the system is held, I once again direct you to this little guide.

Of course, if you're only trying to incite anger from people, might I suggest making your messages a bit less transparent? If you do a bit more research, people will be more prone to get angry than they are to just point out mistakes in the argument, because they will have no other option. One final note; ellipses are three dots. Any more than that only fits into the realm of Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff.

Agreed you make great points here. I obviously don't know much about 3DS and I really don't plan to research it. I made the chiding joke about pokemon because I saw my nephew playing it on what looked to me like a 3DS perhaps I was wrong.
On the note of the analogy I agree they do not relate, but the analogy was not directed toward a direct comparison of Wii's and 3DS controls. It was directed at the over arching idea of poor control design that is largely criticized. The note being Wii controls lead to pained joints and hunching over a 3DS (an yhatzee complained) can lead to similar joint pain. I would imagine it originates in the shoulders much like netbooks with overly small keyboards cause the same hunching motion (which is why netbook sales are generally low, poor on the go use.) or wrists since prolonged use will lead to carpal tunnel of the wrist and tendinitis of the forearm.

I'd say since there are guides how to handle the product to counter these issues, which will still lead to joint damage either in the fingers or wrist then the point I made about nintendo being predictable is still pretty spot on.

You're probably right that an emotional response wasn't what I was looking for. What I wanted was someone to contend my claim decisively that on the go consoles are going to make our hands fall off.

As far as the ellipses comment is concerned. sweet bro, hella Jeff. :)

I'd hate to point this out but your review clearly points out that you barely played the game. Medusa is only the first villain before the twists kick in. In addition, if you looked at the manual you'd know the stand is not for playing the game. It's to put the 3ds on to play with the card aspect of the game it's basically so you can set up the ds to do the augmented reality card battle game.(unecessary part but that's what the stand is actually for.) It sucks you still refuse to play with the 3d on because rainbows shooting into your face is an accurate descriptor. The controls are poor if you are left handed. If your right handed then you're a baby and if you play it for a little while you get used to it fast. Anyone who actually gave the game a chance loves it for good reason. It's pretty damn good. Maybe give it another go zero?

I really think Yahtzee dropped the ball on this one. Fully custom controls was a very well-implemented idea that I would love to see on any game. In fact, the first thing I do (and any gamer could do honestly) is check out the menu to see if there's a control scheme I like better. Being able to change the layout to my liking is exciting. It's strange when he totally ignores basic concepts like that, and it seems like he's doing it just to make a nice joke. The bit about awful control and back-pain was actually pretty humorous, if only it was accurate. When you realize that he's going on and on about something that simply isn't true, it totally ruins the joke. D:

I also noticed his other points seemed really, well, odd? It almost felt like he was complaining that there was a good amount of stuff to do outside of the main story. Or, lord, maybe I'm just interpreting this wrong. I just felt like this review was lacking. I mean, it was at least clear he didn't try at all to make it reliable. He certainly didn't /play/ much of it. xD

just tried to see what the plot was to this game and ill be damned if it is not one of the most confusing messes ive seen thus far

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