Trailers: Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers - Gameplay Trailer

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers - Gameplay Trailer

Jump into the cockpit and make the war your own.

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Well it looks like Battlestations Pacific and I liked that game so i'll probably give it a go.

looks good sounds great

Heroes forgotten by history? Wait, what? WHAT?

Heroes forgotten by history? Wait, what? WHAT?

yeah, i thought that was an odd line too.
i really don't think there is much about WWII that has been forgotten by some people. Really there is probably a book somewhere that lists each poop taken by the soldiers and sailors during that conflict.

I wasn't expecting it, but i feel different about videos like this. I'm in the Navy on a base in Japan, i just got here last month. If i look out the widow of my room i can see a couple of the pacific ships, so it is a little odd watching a video of them getting blown up and stuff. I guess i feel a little protective of them.

I really liked Il2 Stromosomethingorother. and this game looks a lot like it. When i get my xbox over here i'll try to find this. hopefully there will actually be people playing online in this one.

Well i bought it, and all i can say is, this game could be a really kickass, but only if it had flying dinosaurs!!


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