No Right Answer: Omnibus 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Great episode, Dan completely stole the show with his editing.
I'm excited for the contest, is there a possibility for a tie if there's more than one deserving winner?

Very possible, but we have Chris, Kyle and myself (Dan) doing the judging. You better bring your "A" game if you want a three way agreement on a tie.

Chris had to be drunk then.

His words were slurring more then wet slurry.

Magneto is an X-man, it happened recently after Professor X was removed or left the X-men. Magneto joins because of M day and Anti-mutant terrorist. Very few mutants left they all hang out on genocia or whatever its called, read uncanny X force or any of the recent X-men comics. This did happen, Scot and Magneto hang out now... Ya thats right I said it they hang out. Sorry guys you just wrong on that Magneto not an X-men thing, otherwise good show!

Excellent episode! Though me and a friend are entering into the contest. We have a camera, we have a porch. But we lack questions given we cant find much overlap between our various gaming/nerdy experiences.

So! Anyone have any questions we can explore?

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