Real People, Fake Movies

Real People, Fake Movies

When real people make it into not so real movies.

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What I loved about Time After Time is that Wells is such a smart, forward-thinking guy, he pretty quickly figures out how 1970s San Francisco works without making too many waves. Most "out of time" stories are played for laughs, with the displaced character quickly drawing attention to themselves--usually from the police or mental health institutions.

My addition to this list: Ever After, the "realistic" feminist take on Cinderella starring Drew Barrymore--with Leonardo Da Vinci as her fairy godfather.

CASTLE STAFF: You did it, maestro! You're a genius!
LEONARDO: Yes, I will go down in history as the man who opened a door.

While I don't know the full bio to Wong Fei-hung but he must of been an incredible guy in real life. I have seen a few films he is portray in (Iron Monkey and Once Upon a Time in China) and he always presented as an interesting guy.

I'm surprised The Prestige didn't get a mention... or would that be too much of a spoiler?

I thought of that one straight away, as well.

At the-seven-percent solution... it's funny, because freud was a cokehead.

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution sounds awesome!

No Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter?

I'm disappointed.

Time After Time and The Seven-Per-Cent Solution both sound like Nega-universe Bill and Ted episodes. Or awkward Doctor Who plots that got thrown out.

My lord but Adaptation sounds all sorts of interesting. I think I'm going to look that up. Thanks Bob!

Of course, there's the Iron Lady being played by a human with a soul.

A whole week without driving up your hits with uninformed opinions about Mass Effect Bob?

Great! Now I can watch and read your stuff without feeling nauseous :D

"Dracula" is actually a story of this kind too and I think quite a few stories by Shakespeare... as I highly doubt that the real Macbeth ever met up with any witches...

James Bowe:
No Jesus Christ: Vampire Hunter?

I'm disappointed.

When real people make it into not so real movies.

we still dont know if he really existed.
you could have used

I'm surprised The Prestige didn't get a mention... or would that be too much of a spoiler?



im still baffled by one of the most recent examples.


WHAT. THE. FUCK. humanity?

I remember liking the Jackie Chan "Around the World in 80 Days" movie, but other people probably don't for a good reason.

Whoa, bob. The Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter book was great. Don't just assume when you have no backing. It's a good, well executed story that takes itself pretty seriously.

From the trailers I've seen, Abe Lincoln looks like a halfway decent drama/action film, as long as they don't play out the joke for too long it should be fun

As exaggerated as Wong Fei Hung is in cinema, He was actually confirmed to be quite the badass. The fight scene in "The Legend of the Drunken Master" (also known as Drunken Master 2) where Hung fights the Axe Gang with a Bamboo Staff is actually a highly exaggerated depiction of a fight the real Hung fought where he used a Bamboo Staff to defeat 15 armed men.

I think that 200 Motels deserves a mention for sheer weirdness factor. Co-directed by Frank Zappa, the movie is a bizarre musical that demonstrates that touring can make you go crazy. Of special note is that Frank Zappa is a character in the movie, but the part is not played by Zappa himself, but rather by Ringo Starr.


When real people make it into not so real movies.

How did you miss Bubba Ho-tep?.

Elvis alive in a nursing home fighting an Egyptian mummy alongside a black John F Kennedy. With Bruce Cambell. Sounds like the best example of the genre working ever.

if you haven't seen it iron monkey is some of the best martial arts action ever made


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