Jimquisition: Better Does Not Mean Good

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Jimothy Sterling:
Better Does Not Mean Good

Things in the game industry could be worst. We could all be living in the 80s, or we could be in Australia, beset by high prices and restricted ratings. We could also have no arms. We could have porcelain eyes. We could be killed by a Terminator to stop our children leading a revolution against a genocidal artificial intelligence.

Things could always be worse, but saying that to counter an argument about the North American videogame industry doesn't really prove a bloody thing.

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Nice vid, nice point, but you're missing a rather major point here.

To stick with your own analogies, it's always (or almost) going to be really fucking sad when your mother dies, and you're allowed to cry over it all you want - just don't go whining about how unfair it is to those African kids whose whole family died.

And that's the thing. As someone born overseas (or at the very least someone incredibly gifted in the foreign accents department) you're better qualified than most to recognise that there's a whole world out there beyond America. You're well aware that your audience is comprised in no small part from this "rest of the world" place. And yet here you are, complaining to us about expensive games and even including the gas argument.

Lampshade it if you like, put up a disclaimer even, but as it stands you're just whining to the African kids, or at least in front of them.

I could not HATE the phrase "first-world problems" any more and I'm glad Jim addressed that. It's a bullshit phrase from intellectually lazy people who are DESPERATE to sound cultured and worldly at best and a battle cry to never doing anything to help yourself or anyone else at worst.

idk how to feel about this...the advice actually helped me...huh

In Australia games have been more expensive now then ever before. PC games used to be around $40 now they are around $100.

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