UR Right Answer Contest

UR Right Answer Contest

The guys give you a closer look into the Your Right Answer contest.

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You're not fat Kyle. You're horizontally gifted. =D

Certainly would be interesting to do such a debate. Lacking in debate competition and I probably wouldn't be able to make it that funny.

Suggestion for solo debaters, debate with yourself wearing a mustache. Or debate with the mustache. Best mustache ever debate? Hmm.

Aw shucks, I don't have any friends to argue with. Or a (non-200-px-webcam) camera.

I hope someone does my dream debate of Best Crowd-Created Internet-Based Horror Story: Slenderman vs. SCP Foundation.

I'll try to submit something, but I have a series of finals in early may, me being in senior year and all. I'll see if I can get my brother and sister to help me...

I've never been involved in the forums, but my friend and I are excited to get in on this contest. Glad to see technological limitations won't be a factor. It'd be nice if after the winner is decided, everyone shows off their submissions in the forum...of course, that'll probably lead to a "Aw, so and so totally should've won" debate.

Our email hasn't crashed yet, let's fix that! Come on, submit those entries to contact@firefilmproductions.net before the 17th!


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