Trailers: Hitman: Absolution - Agent 47 Trailer

Hitman: Absolution - Agent 47 Trailer

Chalk this up as another person that I would not like to meet in a dark alley.

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Lovely not-so-subtle digs at the AC series...

Suddenly... Inception music.

Suddenly... Inception music.


Goodbye Hitman series... we hardly knew what we had.

Looks awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on it.

Suddenly... Inception music.

Pulls sheep's tail for dramatic audio!

OT: I love me some stealth, can't wait to get my hands on this, speaking of which does any ones knows the releases date for it?

dont we have already enough hitman games??

dont we have already enough hitman games??

The last one was in 2006 (Hitman: Blood Money) This will be the 5th game released under the Hitman name and the first released for the console generation. (Yes Blood Money was released for the Xbox 360 but it was also on the PS2 and original Xbox)

Unless you meant "hitman type" games. Games where you play as an assassin. That is a whole different argument.

Personally I am looking forward to this game. While I am not without my conserns I have faith they will do ok. The acknolegement of the "Silent Assassin" in particular helps a lot.

I love the Hitman series. Because I do, I doubt I'll enjoy this game. They fired the only two reoccurring actors, the ones who played 47 and Diana. Jesper Kyd's music is so central to the series, it's just unlike other video game music. It seamlessly moves between a cool calm to an epic climax and all while mixing modern and classical elements. They fired him and replaced the unique, complex composition with Inception music. They took gameplay that emphasized brutal consequence, strategy, timing and skill and introduced a system that allows the player to walk through the whole game on crutches laughing as the avatar on the screen smashes bongs over police officers heads. All of this wouldn't ruin the game for me, it disappoints me, but I'd still be willing to try it eventually.

The worst affront to me though is that one of the developers has already said that one of 47's missions is to kill Diana. Why? Why would he do that? Why the hell would 47 kill Diana? Why would a player who has played the Hitman games want to kill Diana?

She's the ONLY other character in this series. Not only has she been in the games since 2000, she's the only character who actually cares about 47. Why would 47 kill Diana? Here's the other thing, Diana at this point can't double cross 47, it's too established in the plot that she cares about him. She SAVED his fucking life, six years of watching out for 47 and then she saves his fucking life. Anything that IO has planned to give 47 and the player a reason to kill her is already way out of fucking character for Diana, she's already shown that she would never betray 47.....she risked HER fucking life to save HIS fucking life...have I made that clear?

This would be like Moneypenny stabbing James Bond in the back as soon as he walks into the MI:6 office. Like Chewbacca biting the nipples off princess Leia as she's putting that medal on him. It wouldn't just be a betrayal, it would be a freakish alienation of the characters, it would be as if you woke up one morning to your mother slowly slitting your throat. Any conflict between Diana and 47 would feel like an alienation of both their characters and way, way too forced. Until I see or hear something which makes me think they've not totally lost their minds and their sense of story I'm going to stay as far away from this game as possible.


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