No Right Answer: Best Time Machine Ever

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I just want you to know if the TARDIS doesn't win this debate you are sad miserable pathetic failures for human beings unworthy of timelord redemption.

Sometimes it's serious ^^

The Great JT:
DeLorean kicks the Tardis's back panel. When the Tardis goes back in time, it just kind of fades in and out like a kid playing with the opacity setting in Photoshop.

Noooooooooooooo. Tardis does this:

I do belive dr. Who have senior rights here... When you are a series from the 60's and STILL survived to this day.. you have the better timemachine.. the Math speaks for itself. That timemachine actually survived time !!

Now one of my favourite episodes. I really thought that the TARDIS couldn't be matched but the simplicity argument for the Phone Booth is a good one.

I was really dissapointed about the Delorean not appearing, but you guys fixed it in true time travel style, which was quite funny.

Looking forward to part two. Clearly the Delorean is coolest and must win.
It can fly and has an infinte energy reactor I think.
But... it's a supercool, very rare, supercar that just looks AWESOME.

Plus I never watched Dr. Who, so screw the TARDIS.
(Yeah, yeah, I must be missing something EPIC, but I have trouble enough as it is keeping current with running series to watch through a billion years of backlog...)

CAPTCHA fun! It's "Broken Record", which is an infinite loop, and thus time travel related.

What an ending! Couldn't have imagined it ending any other way!

Quick plug for a future argument though. Best secret agency. MIB (Men in Black) or IMF (Impossible Mission Force)!

WTF is this shit? No DeLorean?

Upd. Oh, ok then, carry on.

The David Tennant version of the Doctor did actually meet the "Devil" (sort of).

for the record, and i know this might start a flame war...

It's not hard scifi, certainly. More science fantasy/future fantasy.

Why was the TARDIS the only time machine I could think of when I saw the subject of the debate?

How could I have cast out the DeLorean from my mind? How!?

Oh Snap,

I haven't seen Mike W. since Thurston HS.

Back on topic, I'm going with the Tardis (it has a pool).

My first thought was the DeLorean and the Phone Booth. The TARDIS is better though, it has swimming pools and a library. If you need a break from sightseeing it has things for you to do, and if working properly you don't need to worry about people accidentally wondering what it is if out of it's time.

Psh, the debate should be between the TARDIS and the Delorian. The phone box is just a basic time machine. Nothin special about it. And i, being a REAL cultured American, and having seen more than just the Matt smith episodes, I vote for the TARDIS. Because its A. a police box (and bigger on the inside), B. sentient, 3. Can translate foreign languages in your head, D. has a swimming pool and a library, and E. can be used as the ultimate deux ex machina.

TARDIS wins, hands down

Is no one going to jump on this?

Bill and Ted played BATTLESHIP (and other assorted Milton Bradley games) against Death. Which was a Parody of the scene from Igmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal

[/cultured American]

Find it entertaining that the debator who was going for the TARDIS only saw the matt smith series, yet Dan throws in Billie Piper who was in Christopher Eccl... that guy and David Tennant's series.

But surprised that the delorean wasn't the first thing being argued in all honesty. However it should lose (in my opinion) because in each movie it has broken down. It runs on gas AND plutonium (which gets replaced i know) whereas the other two run on magic. I mean future space science.


Quick plug for a future argument though. Best secret agency. MIB (Men in Black) or IMF (Impossible Mission Force)!

Why not MI6? to the movie extreme, james bond version of MI6

SHIELD and SWORD from marvel universe...

or the russian super secret spy agency whose name i can't remember... From the cold war. The one Vladimir Putin was apart of and is now the president/prime minister.

I knew that was coming becuase the whole time i was thinking. The most well known time machine is the answer. Which also happens to be a care. Which is far more usefull as you have a time machine on the go instead of having to run back to it everytime.

-Time travel into a mall, take stuff no need to buy it cuz your still in your time machine...cuz your driving through the mall :D speakin of which, your hungry so you drive through a drive through.

The Epoch. Duh. Chrono Trigger is WAY better than Back to the Future, Bill and Ted, and Doctor Who combined!

The DeLorean is my favorite, simply because of ease of use AND it beeing the most plausable of the three (which is addmittedly difficult). Drive to high speed, activate flux capacitor after setting date, and boom! You've disintegrated Einstine! With the sequels, it flies and runs on nucluear garbage! Also Doc Brown was right: if you're going to build a time machine, you might as well make sure it looks cool!

No H.G. Wells' Time Machine? The 1960s movie version was quite classy.

So sad to see that neither of you are right. The best time machine of all time (redundant?) is this:

I'll be honest... I'm a little disappointed that after all of that talk of cardboard boxes.... Mike didn't bring Calvin and Hobbes and their brilliant ever-changing machine of wonder into this debate. Not only is it a time machine, not only is it a transmogrifier, but it is a DUPLICATOR! Don't you realize the power of such a device? Of course.... should a mad scientist bent on world domination get his mitts on it all you would need to destroy it is a bucket of water.


I was going to agree with the doctor who guy, but then he said he only watched the Matt Smith seasons. I am disappoint.

Delorean for me then.

Of all the Time Machines out there only the TARDIS has a swimming pool therefore it wins... Hot tub time machine does not count but it barely beats out the Delorean for 2nd place, for being fueled by debauchery.

Cultured Americans do not watch Matt Smith Doctor Who. It's not his fault, but the writers just fucking lost it that (those?) season(s). Cultured AMERICANS watched Eccleston and Tennant (Daaaaaaaavid Teeeeeeeenant <3). Then there are the hipsters/cultured everyone else who watched the other 8 or so actors before them when the sets were all cardboard and the monsters were all rubber over foam.

You're comparing a time machine to something that can go anywhere and everywhere in the entire history of the universe, and sometimes beyond that. I mean, maybe if you upgrade the DeLorean enough it could compare but a straight up time machine is clearly inferior.

Of course on a sheer logistical note you don't need a massive run up to make the TARDIS go, you just need to know what the buttons do.

Spoilers: Kyle wasn't down there, but when he heard a time travel debate had happened without the DeLorean, he traveled back in time to fix that.

I want to nominate Power Rangers Time Force. Their time machine consists of a giant robot whose sole purpose is to hit things so hard they go backwards in time.

Thank you, Kyle. For you have chosen the only correct answer.

the tardis has many dimensions within it, also it has a pool, sorry but going with the tardis always


oh also the tardis is a spaceship

Sorry but I must go with DeLorean
Best looking time machine ever


The entire time I kept thinking the DeLorean would easily beat a phone booth and the other foreign phone booth. And here's why:

-It's a freakin' car! That flies! And you gotta hit 88mph in order to travel through time! In a car!
-You can fuel it with whatever so problem solved there.
-It's sorta timeless. From the 80's and above, it still looks stylist. From the 80s and down, it looks like a spaceship.
-Oh, and it leaves fire trails behind.
-It's easy to use. Type in the date you wanna go, set yourself in the place you wanna pop in, hit the pedal and boom. Whatever consequences come out of time travel are your fault only and not the car's.
-It could pass as a common car to the unknown passerby. So go get some groceries and then time travel.

Heh, now that twist ending I saw coming, and I'm glad I wasn't wrong.

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