Trailers: Max Payne 3 - Launch Trailer

Max Payne 3 - Launch Trailer

Max is quite the warrior philosopher. So deep and dangerous.

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Looks great, plan to borrow my cousins copy once he gets it and might get it myself and play multiplayer together.

umm does anyone else think he sounds like jack Bauer from 24 lol.
but looks pretty good ill be renting this for sure

This game is looking excellent. I am kind of sad that Sam Lake isn't writing the story for MP3. I am sure Dan Houser will do a good job.

Rockstar presents A character that cant act speaking stupid lines Oh and a series i stopped liking by the second instalment.

well, gives me a chance to save up money since the pc version will come out in june, according to steam.
it looks promising. just hope it will play as well as part 2. part 2 is still my favorite MP.

Based on the narration, I'm really hoping this pulls some of the meta stuff that the original games pulled by reflecting on the nature of sequels and trilogies.


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