Space Janitors: Episode Four

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Easily the best episode yet! I am amazed at how smoothly you worked in the Matrix-like testing environment.

._. Nested tests... My god...

OT: Loving the series guys! Keep up the good work!

Best one yet, keep it up!

Awesome episode, question: Why did Edith choke on her water when Darby left the table to go study?

It feels like you're starting to reference and rely other people's work just a bit too much for your comedy. A few references here and there are okay but eventually you're going to have to establish your own universe and stop leaning so heavily on Star Wars (and others) for your laughs. Perhaps start trying to get an over-arcing plot thread going, each episode seems totally disconnected from action of the last. You've made some episodes so start building on what you've already established. Acting is above average, characters are ever so slowly being established. Good luck. Definitely a high quality production (any one who thinks making something this good is easy has never tried it for themselves).

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