Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Overview

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well that was a poor overview it missed out quite a bit. Yeah multiplayer is probably fun but it won't work if you don't have an HD TV, so no splitscreen for me and the map size is radically limited only takes about five minutes to cross it. Bought it so i could run it with a render distance further than short and what I've been left with is a watered down version of the game. I just can't get over the map size limitations back on the old PC version one of my maps had rail roads that spanned multiple maps, linking all my bases in different biomes, by the looks of it the 360 map I'm currently on doesn't even have a snowy biome.

My advice to anyone interested is to hold off, unless some of the missing features are restored.

It does have a snow Biome, believe me, check your map there will parts you haven't explored. the only biomes it doesn't have is jungle and swamp.

And the features will be restored, just don't expect an unlimited world, doubtfull anyway, still good though ive managed to make many houses across the world, each a fair distance apart.

fair enough, I'm not doubting that there's enough space to build but by removing the unlimited world and replacing it with one that can be crossed in about five minutes it's kind of removed the exploration aspect for me. It just seems that the world has been made far to small if an infinite world isn't possible maybe one that takes half an hour to cross, even if it means making choice on that world between multi player. and world size.

I was going to get this to play with my brother and finally see what the big deal was. No HDTV...

If it still isn't any good then I am going back to old school runescape (http://www.rsclegacy.com).

Having never played Minecraft for more than a few crappy, performance-killing moments on my PC, I am thoroughly enjoying this game on XBLA. I fired up a new world last night, and 9 hours later I was still happily tapping away at hundreds of quantities of cobblestone from a gigantic, floating mountain.

I suppose it must be the case that those who played it on PC may find the world to be small, but against its platform competition, Minecraft 360 features a larger, more interesting world than its clones, especially across the horizontal dimension, discounting Total Miner's 2000+ block depth, which, while impressive, is a far more static and empty world than Minecraft's, and much, much smaller across the horizontal dimension, capping out at 500 blocks across in Dig Deep IIRC.

If you've never played Minecraft, don't be dissuaded by the PC players claims of a "tiny" world. Having dumped over 12 hours into my first world already, and only revealed about 50% of the surface map in the process, there's more than enough content without needing to wander for 20 minutes in one direction for no reason except to just do it. For people who have never played it, I imagine an endless world won't be missed like it would for others. Though, hopefully a creative mode with a larger plane is in the pipeline, I can understand how that would be desirable.

Seed functionality is there, so seeds that worked on beta Minecraft PC still work, so that's a small plus. I spent a few testing them out last night, and they work great. Gives a lot of landscape variation depending on what you use, and how.

At any rate, for someone who's been desperate to play Minecraft, tried the clones, and found them fun, but missing something, Minecraft 360 is an excellent choice. At $20, it faces stiff competition from a couple of the $2 Indie Clones, so it will be interesting to see if these games develop a sort of feature arms race, or if the good clones will stifle out now that the big daddy of them all is in the picture. It remains to be seen.

tl;dr: Minecraft 360 is an excellent version of Minecraft, and will suck up hours of your life, especially if trying the PC version as anything greater than a foggy postage stamp has been denied to you, as it has been me.

Now if only we could get a PC update that enables use with the 360 controller

That split screen s distracting as hell, especially when you have creepers coming at you.

Minecraft only cost $20 if you preordered in beta.

Storm Dragon:
Having been a console gamer for most of my life, I have to ask: Is this the smug sense of superiority that PC gamers feel all the time? Because I could get used to it.

Hehehe... Yeah. A quote comes to mind:
"I have explained to my friends that the PC offers the most pleasing gaming experience. I have pontificated, at great length, about the benefits of higher resolution graphics, proper anti-aliasing, 60FPS and the sweetness of the keyboard and mouse. They do not care. Their couches and widescreen televisions blind them to the truth."

Yeah, PC is just superior, plain and simple. Both in games and hardware capabilities.

Well here's my little Mincraft story (I already own it for the PC)

I'm talking with a friend, and even though I already have it for the PC, split screen co-op seemed like a lot of fun, and one of those games we could play together and both enjoy.

So we bought some points and picked it up...only to discover that in order to play co-op, you have to have an HDTV with the right cables.

So yay...I just wasted 20 bucks.

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