Feed Dump: Emo Hair & Other Poop

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I'm so glad I went back and watched the bit after the credits. Graham's face is amazing.

Does swallowing a diamond make your shit twinkle?

The Random One:
I'm naming my child Prahames. Even if she's a girl.

Prahamattheslyn. (Hey the leprechaun that was here just disappeared.)

Also, I'm not sure if CoD players breeding or reality TV fans breeding are the worse choice, really.

Graham's face at the end, while the pipes were moving water about. Oh man, did I almost die of laughter.

I was Mason before it was cool. 18 years ago.

Pssh. I was into Mason before that. I don't know any persons named Mason, but I am, and always have been, fond of mortar and it's associated elements.

Well I am a Freemason, so I've liked Mason since- well, if I told you, you'd be found dead the next morning and the police would eventually chalk it up to autoerotic asfixiation, so you don't really want to hear.

Freemason, eh? So that's what really happened to David Carradine! Oh, and I need some help redoing my patio, you up to the task? I was gonna hire someone, but since you're free...I'll throw in grilled meats with sides, beer, and freedom from conspiracy. What say you?

I am waiting for the thief to claim that no, he just really bore down that hard when he was pooping that some of his crap turned into a diamond. Crapdiamonds!


Briella sounds like the name of a line of cleaning supplies.

Also, is this the first time a story in the video has also appeared in the Escapist news section?

No, there was also this one time when a Feed Dump story aired in tandem with the related Escapist news story about a Hooters vampire.

Also, "We are currently monitoring his bowel movements."

There should never be a time when that can be said with any real seriousness. There... honestly shouldn't be.

Thank you! I remembered there being one before but I couldn't remember what news story it was. That would've killed me.

OT: So who was the previous owner of that hat then? I'd imagine it's someone who sent it in.

So are you guys sharing building with police station?
Because that toilet flush in the end might be criminal getting rid of his diamond (and poop).

So from what I gather from this Feed Dump, Carmen Sandiego is a real person and has last hit the czech republic.

I loved the Diablo-roll at the beginning

I'm too old to have been a teenager during the emo craze. I think. I dunno, when I was in high school, there were the stereotypical "preps" I think they were called, who liked football and cheerleading and normal make-up and expensive cars and stuff. And the freaks who were never welcome in Homecoming and Prom and everything. They were mostly considered Goths, and some Rivetheads and Punks, but everyone just called them Goths because all the proper "normal" people who had proper money, Abercrombie wardrobe, and football jacket, thought they were all the same. There certainly wasn't anyone called "emo" in my school.

I kind of liked the emo trend. Even though everyone else hated it, there always seemed to be more to it than the stereotypes people made about any guy with eyeliner. And a lot of the things people were saying about emo didn't seem that bad, either. And I discovered some really good underground punk music because of it.

I've got to say, I always did kinda like the emo look even though everyone hated it. Didn't seem as "high class" as Goth with all the frilly dresses and other Victorian outfits. But pretty cool for something modern and purposefully weird looking. Weird is good. I always liked how androgynous the guys looked. I like androgynous guys, and any excuse to see more of them is a good one. I know that for whatever reason, My Chemical Romance is super hated, but for some reason, Skrillex is super loved, except for all the tr00 dubstep fans and people who like other electronic genres like hardcore techno. Even though My Chemical Romance is hated for "being emo" and Skrillex seems to have escaped most of that abuse. Doesn't Skrillex count as having the "emo" look? I think he does.

Captcha: be nice

I lol'd and that's what I came here for so good job :) Incidentally, I know a Morgan and a Taylor who could someday be a couple in the future. I will let you decide the genders.

Were did you come from were did you go were did you come from cotton eye Joe?

oops sorry wrong band

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