Trailers: Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn Revenge Trailer

Batman: Arkham City - Harley Quinn Revenge Trailer

Just how many enemies does the Batman have? They seem to be everywhere, maybe he should consider moving.

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Sweet. Is the pc release the same as the 360 and PS3? If so I am one happy Mole

Awesome franchise. Awesome game. Awesome atmosphere. Great looking gameplay.

At the end of the day though:

"The Batman does NOT kill".

"Noo...I mustn't. Gahhh, mommy daddy complex, nuuuu!" D:

Poor Batman... and poor Gotham. >_>

Okay, that all looks good...

Except for that Game of the Year cover. Seriously? The same picture, just covered in review scores? What were they thinking? Whatever happened to the 3D one that they had for Arkham Asylum?

Still, can't wait to find out what Harley's up to...

I can't wait. This is going to kick some serious ass.

This may give me a reason to pick up the game again. Can't wait.

Reapers in Arkham City? That's a surprise.


Until the game is released, here's some fanart I had commissioned that should help people get their Harley fix:

Still don't like Harley's outfit, but what can you do? Looking forward to this. I mean, I'll play the game eventually... :P

If you haven't bought the Arkham City DLC I advice you to skip it. Save your money, play some challenge rooms and make you your own story. You'll have much more fun that way.


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