The Come On

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I kept expecting this to turn into some sort of awkward meetup thing for Erin.

I guess maybe it did? Maybe?

In several of the forum posts I've read this would be considered rape, because she is really drunk and therefor cannot give consent.

Personally I don't believe that, but I'm gay and have no idea about women.

That is in fact correct. So I wonder where this is going to go O_o'


I'm astounded how she could play the DS in a pub while drunk and still have it by the end of the night. If I tried this where I live, I bet it wouldn't last 5 minutes before it got stolen.

What would be the average amount of bodily perforations you would sustain in that encounter?

It depends. I probably wouldn't have any, since most thieves just grab stuff and run away. My post may have seemed like I live in the wrong neighborhood or something, but it's more like "people think they are entitled to profit from other people's distraction or trust (they probably call them 'suckers')".

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