Escape to the Movies: Battleship

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Terrible film but enjoyable with a friend just making jokes throughout. Though parts were oddly like boat/navy porn way too into it.

Hungry Donner:

You've got a bad feeling?

B-but... they're using PROFESSOR PYGG!

Alfred with guns.

and was that nightwing with a freaking sword?

Screw it, only way they could make it worse is if the had Calendar Man as the main villain.

no, not Arkham City Calendar Man, the one where he was basically just eccentric.

Do I even want to know how the aliens were defeated by pettey humans who are incapable of intergalactic travel? Was it deus ex machina or did they have "giant fuck me lights"?

The only thing I realized watching this, was that if I did the film the 'lack of responsibility dude' would be a captain doing a war sim at the start of the test, and not like in star trek, like how the real navy does it, where they simulate an air craft coming in and then 80% of your crew are dead, which is basically the reality of naval warfare., sort of sets up the stakes in, which are high, and have the main dude get a talking to about responsibility.. Actually that's a lot like new star trek.. Damn, can't have a good idea ever.

i am still hoping the hungry hippos movie will be a success

*sees the batman warning*

omg wtf is wrong with batmans face!?

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