LoadingReadyRun: Punctu-action

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"Ah" inappropriate gestures..
They "always" can make dialogues more "interesting"
(don't believe "me"? try nodding your head "in" opposite "when" saying yes or "no".)

Oh my god. That is really annoying. "Do it" again.

Ah yes, "quoting." The act of repeating an expression as part of another. We have dismissed that claim.

i found it hard to understand, but it was still really funny for me

Ah yes, "quoting." The act of repeating an expression as part of another. We have dismissed that claim.

Goddamn "funny" "ninjas"

Victor Borge is disappointed in you.

Don't quote me on this.

"Victor Borge" is always "dissapointed" in "you."

OT: So he died from the sheer stupidity of others....yep seems a fitting way to go.

Wait a minute. How could Kathleen be booming, when she participated in the sketch?

Also, why does Candice say: "Philip, your house is on fire?" If she is his wife, then it is their common house. Right?

When he said "Stand", "Saw" and "The Thing" I was certain that he was just trying to put quotes around titles and Graham didn't get it. But I guess it really was just random. The stinger was wonderful, though.

Why do all my loved ones keep "dying"?

I honestly don't know why but that was the 'funniest' thing I've seen in ages

I'm amazed they managed to avoid a "He's dead, Jim".

Ah yes "inappropriate gestures" the "inappropriate" use of gestures at the "inappropriate" time. We have "dismissed" that "claim"

Was the obituary at the end part of the sketch or the inspiration for it?

This is the first time I've ever wanted to punch a character in Loading Ready Run (for those curious it was Matt's character, and to a lesser extent Paul's).

I couldn't figure out who wrote this one til I saw the end credits.

New rule because of this (admited hilarious) video: Anyone who uses air quotes in an inappropriate context (i.e. not being satirical or making an inuendo) is legally allowed to be punched in the face.

World, let. This. Happen.

I find this even more appropriate now that my brother is starting to misuse them. They are for either mocking, satire, or sarcasm. Nothing more.

So punctuation can kill. I always heard rumors but I never seen a case of it "happening" before.


Loved this vid, thanks for the VB links, but if I can be a "fly" in the ointment, the stinger really didn't do it for me because I'm fairly sure that amongst all of them, the crew has enough graphics knowledge and journalism experience to make a graphic looks like a "real" obituary in some local paper and they could done a pan shot of that.

Sorry, gang.

Lord Hosk:
WAIT! This is all supposed to happen in July! Someone precall the fire department and get a defibrillator to the park, you can still save phil and his family!

Glad I wasn't the first one to notice this happens in the future. More importantly (and even though this is in BC), why are they all wearing jackets in July?

Haha, I'm having a terrible day. This really made it better. I've missed ya'll. I doubt you remember me but I haven't watched you in forever. I'm glad to know ya'll are still hilarious! I just wish my "day" had been better!

Somewhere out there, a Grammar Nazi is "dying."

wow, that really pissed me off! I wanted to punch Matt in the face so hard. Arrrgh!

in the style of ChaosD1: "FINGER QUOTES. DON'T. WORK THAT WAY!!" >8O

suddenly reading news headlines containing quotes feels a lot more...sarcastic

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