Escape to the Movies: Men in Black 3

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Cosplay Horatio:
MIB3 took The Avengers out of the #1 Box Office spot. It's good, I don't know why this review was negative.

I think its because Bob was a product of the 80's and so he feels like he can blame the sequels problems on nostalgic 90's people.
I think that it was a great movie.

Its hard to trust bob after him saying how great Scott Pilgrim is, which was largely a stylistic movie, with a nostalgia/video quirckiness with little substance.. and Tree of Life which is the kind of overly dramatic fluff that also focuses alot on imagery. MiB 3 is a popcorn movie and for that purpose it is a much better choice than the vast majority of releases out there, and it focuses on the world of MiB more so than the previous films which was what movie bob was saying that he wanted from the series. The storyline does have a similiar structure to MiB 2 but that's mostly coincidental, the storyline is actually ripped from a 30 minute episode from the cartoon series.

Honestly the only real point to see the movie is to have some fun without thinking about it to much, and hopefully revive the movie series into sequels with new unique story arcs (and for gods sake leave Tommy Lee Jones alone) or perhaps start a tv series which I think most people actually would love to see.

Bob says the franchise run out of gas long ago.. but it didn't. The producers behind the movies just decided not to give it any gas. They pretty much refused to be creative with the MiB licence which is exactly what Movie Bob mentioned at the beginning of the review.
Can he be more inconsistent?

MiB 3 actually does get slightly more creative in that it borrows from the cartoon series which actually tried to give its characters more depth, had some interesting story arcs and expand on the lore. If theres ever a need for it, MiB lore was heavily expanded on in the role playing game.

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